15 Simple Crafts for Mother's Day

International Women's Day

May 5 is approaching, a day to honor those incredible women who gave us life: mothers. And there is nothing better, as a mother, than receiving the love of your children and a craft from them when they are little. That is why today we share in Madres Hoy 10 ideas of simple and creative crafts that children can make to give to their mothers on their special day.

Surprise mom with a gift made for the little ones Mother's Day is something common and we hope to keep it that way. That is the reason for proposing these crafts to you. Now, the little ones will need a buddy to do them on time, so parents, uncles, caregivers, get going!

Collages with plastic caps

Is one of the crafts with plastic caps for children that we like the most. Because? Because it is very free and allows children to explore their creativity using all kinds of materials. A piece of cardboard will serve as a base for the collage and with materials from around the house you can create compositions as fun as the following. Provide them with various materials: cut-outs, colored cardboard, straws, yarn and let them use them in their own way.

Collages with plastic plugs

Necklace with plugs

Make It your own offers us some ideas to create necklaces from a plastic plug. The result, as you can see in the following image, is fantastic. Imagine how proud the little ones will feel when giving these jewelry to their mother. And all you need to do this are some beads, colored threads and scissors as explained in this step by step.

Plastic Plug Collars

Peacock with colored cardboard

This peacock is one of the simplest crafts for Mother's Day. The little ones will only need colored cardboard, some scissors, glue and of course a little of your help. Create the body and then cut out the other parts of the body in contrasting colors: wings, eyes, beak and legs.

Peacock with paper rolls

Paper butterflies

Another craft with colored cardboard fantastic to give as a gift. Butterflies are very easy to make, so it is an activity suitable for children of any age, although those aged 6 and up will enjoy the process more. Do you need a step by step? We shared it with you a long time ago on the blog, click here to refresh your memory.

paper flowers

With a large stick, the kind used for skewers, and some colored cardboard, children can create a unique flower. You just have to follow the steps explained in the following video using different color combinations to create a fantastic bouquet.

A box with pasta ties

Decorative paintings are always welcome, as they bring joy and originality to any corner of the house. To create one like the one in the image you will need a strong cardboard or cardboard to serve as a canvas as well as colored pasta bow ties and other materials that you can find around the house to create the collage using hot glue.

DIY box

A hanging ornament

Options to create decorations with egg cups are infinite, an example is this hanging wall decoration created from a stick and flowers made from cut out and painted egg cups. It is a craft with smaller elements and therefore, appropriate for children who already master scissors.

A cardboard tetris

Tetris was one of the most fashionable recreational games back in the 90s that can be recreated on paper and with which mother and children will enjoy in a big way. This is a simple project that does not require many creative skills, but it does require good use of scissors to cut out cardboard and cardboard.

Cardboard tetris game

One camera of photos

A camera is a nice gift that will allow you to later create moments of entertainment between mother and child. And there are few materials you will need to create one; a small cardboard box is enough, about washi tapes and colored markers to give it color and a rope or bow to create the strap.

Indians with toilet paper rolls

These Indians are made with Cardboard tubes that we can recycle. It has a beautiful color and a very detailed decoration made with feathers, wool and the help of colored markers. All you need to create them is creativity and the help of this video.

Unicorn-shaped candy box

This box is wonderful. To create it you can start from any white box or paint one white. Then, with the use of Eva foam and cardboard, the ears are shaped with their characteristic shape and the horn is molded with white clay and glitter (although you could also do it with paper). Other elements such as colored ribbons and paper flowers will take care of the decorative part. And inside, inside you can Put a small gift or some candy.

Painted stones

A classic that children of all ages can have fun creating with just a few brushes and paints. And if a lot of paper to protect the floor, the walls... unless do it outdoors. Painted and decorated stones can be very useful at home later as paperweights, although that is not the most important thing.

A mural from the bottom of the sea

Summer is in most cases synonymous with the beach and it is there! Making a mural with these motifs is one of the best ways to bring a little bit of the sea home and that vacation feeling. Children will also be able to learn a lot about the fauna and flora that live at the bottom of the sea while they prepare it.

A rainbow

Among the simple crafts for Mother's Day that we propose, this is another of our favorites. Perfect for children From 4 years It requires very few materials: a piece of thick cardboard in the shape of a rainbow, pieces of wool of different colors to create the colors of the rainbow by rolling the wool on the cardboard, buttons to finish the ends of the rainbow and white glue mixed with water applied to the cardboard base to keep the wool and buttons in place.

A very sweet butterfly

This sweet and original idea or we proposed it for valentine but it is also perfect for Mother's Day. you will only need pink cardboard or whatever color the children prefer and decorative papers for the butterfly details. The pattern is very simple, you just have to draw the butterfly on the cardboard and cut out carefully. In the center, make two cuts where the lollipop will be placed and that's it!

Butterfly with Valentine's lollipop

Photo frames with ice cream sticks

With ice cream sticks You can make many crafts, but we especially like this one for Mother's Day. Creating some pretty frames and placing recent photos of the little one with her mother in them will thrill her, we have no doubt.

Photo frame with ice cream sticks

These crafts are simple, but ideal for children to express all their love and dedication to their mothers on their special day. Let your imagination and creativity fly! give a unique and personalized detail to mom in her day!

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