16 beautiful names of Canarian origin

beautiful names of canary origin

The nice thing about being able to put a name is when choosing the one that can create that personality and pleasant sound forever. Many parents resort to the way of consulting lists of names where they can observe some that are lost in the pipeline. For this reason we will give a nice list of names of canary origin so you can choose the one you like the most.

Many of these names They have a Guanche origin. They are those that have been awarded to the aborigines of the Canary Islands and that have later been registered in provinces such as Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

1- Day: It comes from the name Yhavé, a Hebrew god, which means "adornment of God". It is a name for a man, with a cheerful, mature, energetic and honest personality with family and friends.

2- Agony: means "warrior" and has a personality that reaffirms its own meaning. They are also very natural men, open, affectionate and they remain firm in their ideas and thoughts.

3- Caluca: name given to the Guanche warrior who died in the battle of Acentejo, Tenerife. They have a very sociable and participative personality, are communicative and create great breakthroughs in their projects.

beautiful names of canary origin

4- Aray: is a name that is also written as Arai and generally has no meaning. They are people with a great cheerful and alert sense of life. They observe everything with total reality and then makes them move quickly.

5- Achoran: It is a masculine name, which means "attribute of God". They are realistic and happy people with everything that surrounds them, they have a high vibration and therefore it makes them feel nostalgic in their world.

6- Dramas: name given to the aboriginal warrior and leader of the island of Gran Canaria. He means "the relative of good fame" and has a personality that characterizes him for being very brave and daring.

7- Gara: It is a woman's name, of Guanche origin, her own name is its meaning and behind it lies a love story. People with this name are very amorous, but also jealous. They are lovers of all kinds of art and love to work.

8-Maday: It is a masculine name, which means "deep love". They have a calm and easy going personality with love and like to enjoy long lasting relationships. In studies and at work they are persistent and always motivated.

beautiful names of canary origin

9- Jonay: this name belongs to a prince from Tenerife, especially from Isla del Fuego. They are reserved, introverted people, but also very funny. They don't forgive when something hurts them, even settling for many things.

10- Artemis: It is a name that was used in honor of a king who unified the Canary Islands. It is a girl's name, which means "goddess of the Moon", "hunter". They are dreamy, bohemian people, very restless in their social and family life.

11- Naira: is a girl's name, which means "the one with the big eyes", "of Quechua and Aymará origin". She has a very persistent personality, she likes goals and being able to meet them, since it will help her grow personally.

12- Rayco: He is a well-known warrior from the Anaca area. They are very loyal people to those who love them, they are talented and very decisive for business.

13- Yeray: It means "big boy", "strong boy". They have a big personality, fighter, parents of a great family and where at work they are responsible and productive. In love they are very passionate and they like to supply everything sentimental.

14- Ubay: very traditional name of the area, for men, which means "the one who renounces humiliation". They are special people, charismatic and with a very successful problem solving.

15- Yurena: It is a name that is associated with the world of folklore and mythological creatures. They are women who like to dominate their space, dictate the rules and are jealous of any relationship. Even with everything described, they are very enriching people, always fighting for what matters to them.

16- Yaiza: It is a name for a woman, which means "rainbow", "flash of light", "as beautiful as a flower". They are social, attentive, charismatic people who are approached by art. They do not appreciate false and lying people.

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