5 recipes to control high blood pressure in pregnancy

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We have already commented on other occasions that high blood pressure is a serious problem during pregnancy, do not stop consulting with your doctor, especially if they already had high blood pressure before pregnancy. In addition to medication, which may be necessary, you probably already know which foods are recommended and which are prohibited. But we are going to help you with new recipes. 

If in your case, high blood pressure comes from pregnancy, it usually develops before 20 weeks, or lasts more than 12 weeks after delivery. We are going to recommend five recipes, almost without salt but full of flavor that will help you. The most important: the better you take care of yourself, the better care your baby will be.

Foods that help control high blood pressure

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Carry one diet rich in fresh foods helps control hypertension. Keep an eye on the processed products you consume, because most of them are high in sodium. And this is not good for a pregnant woman with hypertension. For a few months, forget the salt and replace it with some spices.

A trick, to almost any recipe that we propose add a little garlic. So that it does not repeat itself, if this is very annoying for you, remove the core, or cut it in half 5 minutes before starting to cook. It loses some of its properties, but it still maintains enough. Garlic is a powerful vasodilator and anti-inflammatory, and even if summer comes, there are nights when you crave a garlic soup.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the great food group that offers fiber, potassium, water, and antioxidants. All of them are the nutritional components associated with good blood pressure control in pregnancy. The pear is a particularly suitable fruit for those suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure or cardiovascular conditions.

Recipes from the sea against hypertension

Our algae They will help you provide large amounts of potassium, an essential element in the fight against hypertension during pregnancy. They will also provide you with folic acid, fiber, lots of water and few calories. The brown ones contribute to promoting blood circulation, among them are the Nori, Nishime Kombu, Ito Wakam, Hiziki, Arame, Alaria and Cochayuyo.

For example you can make a chickpea salad cooked with kombu seaweed. These are usually dehydrated, so you just have to put them in water. With the chickpeas you will be including legumes. You have to cook potatoes and carrots with little water and without salt. Now chop celery, or coriander, black olives, and garnish with lemon juice and oil. And mix everything very well. You already have the first course, fresh and very healthy.

To prepare this pickled sardines you need to mix in a bowl 6 clean sardines, and without heads, with 4 minced garlic cloves, oil and 2 chopped lemons. After about 10 minutes, fry only the garlic without roasting. Now add the oil from before, a drizzle of vinegar, a little natural tomato, bay leaf and chopped parsley. All this is left to boil, without the sardines, for 5 minutes. Then yes, add the sardines with the lemon and cook for 10 more minutes. Ideally, they should be in the refrigerator for a few hours to allow the flavors to settle.

Quick and easy recipes against high blood pressure

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Leading a calm life, without stress and with enough time to exercise, in addition to diet, is what will help you the most against high blood pressure. However, if you don't have much time, or you don't like to cook, here is a simple and quick recipe: Avocado, cucumber and yogurt gazpacho.

You remove all the meat from two large avocados and mash them in the blender with natural yogurt, better if it is not sweetened, a little olive oil (if you notice that it is not too creamy), water, half a clove of garlic, and water. So that the cucumber does not repeat, remove the seeds and use only the meat. Ready, and if you feel like it, add a little lemon juice or pepper.

And now we explain how to prepare a escarole, banana and walnut salad. In a source put the chopped endive leaves, 1 banana cut into half moons, walnuts. And here is the secret! Blackberries. Prepare a vinaigrette with lemon juice and honey, without overdoing it, and dress the salad. We have recommended endive, because it does not cause gas, but with mixed lettuces it is also a sure success.

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