Tips to take advantage of space in the baby's room

baby room

Ros baby room furniture

Waiting for the arrival of a new member to the family is an exciting experience. There are so many things to prepare to welcome the new baby. One of the most important, without a doubt, is her room. And although getting it ready is usually fun, when space is limited it usually takes a while. That's why today we share with you tips to take advantage of space in the baby's room.

Regardless of the size of the room but especially if it is small, you will want to make the most of every inch of the room. Determining which are the truly essential elements, those that cannot be missing, will be key, but also knowing some tricks to gain functionality short and long term.

Don't just think short term

It is important to take into account the baby needs When it comes to carefully planning every detail of his room, however, if you want the bedroom to remain practical when the child grows up, it is essential to plan its layout not only thinking about the present but also the future.

baby room

With the bedroom empty, it is important that you determine the space dedicated to the three essential areas of every children's bedroom: rest, play-study and storage. During his first months the child will need little more than a crib and a changing table, but without realizing it he will need a table to do his homework, storage needs will increase and he will want to invite a friend to sleep over.

Choose furniture that grows with the baby

Why choose a cot that once a couple of years pass your baby you can't use it? Nowadays there is furniture that grows with your baby and that they can use for many years without outgrowing it. The convertible cribs They are just an example, cribs that often have storage solutions and that once children get older they become beds that they can use until they are at least 8 years old.

Ikea furniture

The changers are another example. Why buy a piece of furniture that is only a changing table? What will happen when you give up diapers? Today you can turn any dresser into a changing table with some accessories. Although if you prefer a piece of furniture that has everything done for you, there are also those. And what is now a changing table, tomorrow could be extra storage space for your clothes or a drawer to integrate into your desk.

Take advantage of the height

Storage space is essential in a bedroom and in a small one a custom closet is the best choice. One that goes from floor to ceiling and take advantage of that corner that you have reserved for storage. And opting for large pieces of furniture is more appropriate than placing several small pieces of furniture when the dimensions of the bedroom are small.

The height will also allow you to place tall cabinets and shelves without worrying about the little ones reaching or bothering them in the daily use of the bedroom, but we will talk about these later.

Bet on tailored solutions

Custom solutions are scary because they generally tend to be more expensive unless you make them yourself. However, in rooms with a complicated layout or just enough space They make a big difference. And it is not necessary for everything to be custom-made, you can buy some furniture and complete it with custom solutions so that no space is wasted.

Shelves and boxes, a great ally

The shelves, both high and low, with boxes are a great ally in the baby's room and are economical. The boxes become the wild card to save everything. You just have to choose the appropriate sizes and formats to integrate them into an auxiliary piece of furniture, dresser drawers or shelves.

Shelves and boxes

Some low shelves to place some stories and the little ones' favorite toys are always useful in the play area; This way they can reach them when they start crawling. The high shelves They are a great ally, however, for storing things that are out of season or that they should not have access to. It is a way to implement storage without overwhelming the lower part of the room and with some pretty boxes it can look great for little money.

Replace folding doors with sliding ones

If you have a lack of space, replacing folding doors with sliding ones will make a big difference. And we are not only talking about the closet doors that limit you when it comes to arranging other furniture, but also the room itself. Think about it!

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