What happens if my baby does not burp and I put him to bed?

What happens if my baby does not burp and I put him to bed?

burping a baby after their milk intake is of total gratitude, given to the dreaded gas and discomfort what it can do to you if you don't expel them. Many mothers have encountered the problem of bottle or breast feeding and The baby has fallen asleep peacefully. The problem arises when we wonder what happens if my baby doesn't burp and I put him to bed.

It may seem that if the baby does not burp, he may suffer worse consequences. appear unexpected gas, stomach pains and then a cranky baby because of what we were happening. But everything has a solution, it is nothing much more serious than it seems and it can be solved with a couple of gestures.

The importance of the baby burping or regurgitating

It is important that the air is expelled after feeding, since the air that accumulates when ingested or during digestion can cause minor cramps, bad mood and pain. To learn how to make your baby burp you can read 4 tricks to make him burp well.

On the other hand, Regurgitation is also a natural phenomenon and does not represent a danger. Some babies may spit up large amounts, while others may spit up a small amount.

What happens if my baby does not burp and I put him to bed?

It is a very common and common case. All parents have been through this situation; while they are offering a bottle to their baby, they fall asleep peacefully. It is a moment so full of happiness and her tummy is so full, that we feel sorry for waking her up to burp. Should we let him sleep?

Obviously yes, Nothing happens by letting him sleep, since his system regulates itself and those small gases will have to come out somehow. Not all babies need to burp after feeding and they can fall asleep comfortably. Many specialized pediatricians are committed to not interrupting the baby's sleep, although you may encounter controversies about this.

What happens if my baby does not burp and I put him to bed?

What is the best way to burp your baby without waking him or her?

If you are not calm after feeding him and you need to burp him, you can make him do it in a gentle way without waking him up. There are several techniques that can help him, but first you have to place a small cloth under his head in case those small regurgitations arise.

Keep the baby lying on your chest with his chin leaning on your shoulder, while supporting your back on your hand. With the other hand you can give small touches, gentle massages or pats on the back. You can also do it sitting in a rocking chair while rocking with him in your arms. This position is very pleasant because the baby feel the heartbeat and your brain transmits that state of relaxation, which makes it much easier for you to sleep.

If you are very tired and cannot hold him in your arms, you can put him in his crib quietly and let him rest. You can leave him lying face down, making sure his head is higher than his chest and give him a few small pats on his chest.

The other idea is lay him on his back and very gently, tries to raise and lower his small legs very softly to expel gases. The truth is that it is a technique that works.

If the final decision is to leave him permanently on the crib or any place where he sleeps, the correct posture is always face up, on a flat and non-inclined surface.

Another idea is laying him face down on your legs. Get him settled and rock him from side to side, even rub his back gently until you see that it expels the gases.

What happens if my baby does not burp and I put him to bed?

You should not force the baby to burp

Burping a baby after feeding is logical so that he or she can feel much better afterwards. It is logical to think that after taking it you have ingested air, but this is not always the case.

than to a child Having difficulty burping means that you have not ingested air. and everything will depend on your type of diet. If you are bottle-fed, it is likely that you drink the milk between bubbles and at the end of the feeding, air is inadvertently swallowed. That's when we can put more remedies and get that air out of your stomach.

But if the food is through breastfeeding, The safest thing is that you do not drink more than the milk itself, since the breast only offers milk and not air, unless the baby has a poor latch on the nipple. Through this type of feeding, the baby may not burp air in large quantities and therefore not force it incessantly.

There are babies who need to burp in the middle of feedings.

It is important to know this information, since you can make him burp in the middle of feeding, avoiding several small unforeseen events. One is in case you accidentally fall asleep and there is no remedy to make you expel air. The other is that afterward they may have a big burp and vomit up part of their food.

There are children who have ease in regurgitate milk and that happens to them in these types of cases. That's why it's a good idea to burp them in the middle of feeding to avoid these small incidents.

Furthermore, babies They can offer us clues as to when they need to burp. If during feeding you begin to move, shake your head, arch your back, or reject the feed, it is probably because you feel too full. You can give him a rest and burp him, placing him in an upright position and giving him those little touches on his back. Afterwards, you can continue offering your milk.

If you want to know more about gases, you can enter some of our articles: "the best to relieve baby's gas", «My baby doesn't burp, is it bad? What I can do? o "how to know if my baby has colic."

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