33 'Would you rather?' questions fun for kids

questions you prefer

Have you ever played questions 'What do you prefer? It is a very fun game and that is what we are going to achieve today. Because you can play with your children individually or make teams and the more the merrier because the answers to these questions can be very varied.

So that way we will discover a little more about how they think or what they really prefer. It is true that we have endless games with which to enjoy those family time, but in this case we just need a little imagination and be honest in the answers. Of course, if you lack ideas for the questions, we give them to you now.

'Would you rather?' questions fun for kids

It is not always easy to have to choose between two options. That's why this game tests us with the most original questions that are both fun and original.

  • Would you rather have a third eye with great vision or two mouths?
  • Would you rather have extra fingers or toes?
  • Do you prefer crawling or walking with small jumps?
  • Would you rather fly or be invisible?
  • Would you rather animals talk or people become mute?
  • What would you rather eat, a raw potato or a lemon?
  • Would you rather be a superhero or a cartoon caricature?
  • Would you rather have green hair or green ears?
  • Would you rather meow like a cat or bark like a dog?
  • What do you prefer to always wear jeans or pajamas?
  • Do you prefer to have different days or the same days?
  • Would you rather slide across the rainbow or take a walk through the clouds?

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Original questions that we all expected and that no one dared to ask

We continue with the fun in the form of questions but also with those original brush strokes that we like so much. Because sometimes they make us always be on the ropes.

  • Would you rather have a pet orangutan or an elephant?
  • What would you prefer to live in a castle or on a boat?
  • Would you rather have ice cream every day or take a bubble bath?
  • Would you rather never brush your teeth again or always wear the same clothes?
  • What do you prefer to travel to the past or travel to the future?
  • What would you prefer to live among the clouds or under the sea?
  • Would you rather be invisible or read minds for 2 hours a day?
  • Would you rather be a famous singer or an actor/actress?
  • Would you rather your hair be spaghetti or your fingers be pizza?
  • Would you rather have a nose that itches all day or ears that ring?
  • What do you prefer, a clown nose or a tutu skirt to wear every day?
  • Would you rather walk on water or be a dolphin?

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Questions about unreal situations

You are already seeing that The questions in general are about quite unreal situations.. But perhaps now we get more deeply into them, into what you could or could not have, depending on what you choose. They will definitely turn your mind upside down in this one! game!

  • Would you rather have candy and sweets every day or always eat pizza?
  • Would you rather talk to plants or have strength worthy of a superhero?
  • Would you rather have to jump everywhere or fly for just 7 seconds?
  • Would you rather turn into an animal for a few hours or have your reflection in the mirror talk to you?
  • Would you rather teleport or time travel only to the future?
  • Would you rather that your teacher turns into a lion when he gets angry or that the school is made of candy?
  • Would you rather not have exams or not have homework anymore?
  • Would you rather live in a big city or in a remote town?
  • Would you rather vomit marbles or sweat manchego cheese?

Now, with all these questions 'What do you prefer?', you will no longer have excuses to start playing with the whole family and have a very original and fun time.

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