Advantages and disadvantages of adolescent work

Advantages and disadvantages of adolescent work

Muchos Adolescents they decide to find some work to do after high school, or temporary, to do only during vacations. On the one hand there will be those who see it well because it is a way of gaining experience, maturing and incidentally they have an extra paycheck for their things, on the other hand there are those who may see it wrong because it can make them disconnect from their studies and lower their performance. Let's see some advantages and disadvantages of adolescent work.

The situation is a bit complex. While it seems to many that young people start with their responsibilities, it may seem to others that it is a disadvantage, since they drop out of school and prefer to work. However, the best assessment will be from the critical point of each person and the personality of each adolescent, and for this we are going to discuss its benefits and details.

teen work

a teenager already You can start working from the age of 16 along with an authorization from their parents or legal guardians. It is not necessary for them to do so if they are economically dependent enough and while they are studying. There are adolescents who have free time to combine both practices and there are those who do not have time to do it.

There are potential benefits to being able to combine study with a job, but there are also drawbacks. Obviously, a long day job is not recommended every day and even when their classes end. Yes, accepting a job for fewer hours can be allowed, although the decision will be made by the person who is going to do it.

Advantages and disadvantages of adolescent work

The advantages

There are numerous benefits to teenage work life: One of them is the personal growth, which can certainly help those who are somewhat more shy to function in social life. Another benefit is learning and appreciation on your part of the effort that goes into earning some money.

  • Learn to manage your own money. Always with the consent and support of the parents, they can be given the opportunity to learn to manage their own money. In this way they create a valuation of it and decide how to spend it and save it.
  • There is another advantage that is often the most valued, and that is the fact that they can have their extra salary to spend it on their things, since often outings, shopping, etc. can be an excessive expense for parents.

Advantages and disadvantages of adolescent work

  • Valuing money as a life skill. But this is something that must be controlled if we do not want it to become a negative point. Well, if the adolescent feels that now he can do things just because he has his money, he may think that he is already capable of being independent, when this is generally impossible, since the salary of these jobs is not usually very high.
  • It will increase your work experience. Having a job will be able to offer you enough information so that you can have an opinion about what to do when you finish your studies. In this way, he already maintains a small curriculum, he knows what it is to work and thus he will assess whether in the future he creates his own company or works as an employee.
  • You will create a new skill for your life. If your job is to work with clients, it will create independence and confidence. In this way he handles difficult and conflict situations where he will have to develop skills to solve it.

The disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage is undoubtedly the loss of interest in studies, since having your salary and being able to do what you want with it can be much more pleasant than getting a good grade on an exam. This is initially something that could be managed, but in the long run there is a chance that your only goal is to work somewhere full time and earn more. Which would certainly lead him even to drop out of high school or high school.

  • Less time to study. As we have already outlined, it is not necessary to have a full-time job. Having a job of more than 20 hours a week can create low grades. A very short weekday job or where you have to put in a few hours on weekends could be comparable. The purpose is that you do not have time to finish your tasks, that both things require a lot of effort and that in the end it originates in stress.

Advantages and disadvantages of adolescent work

  • They cannot enjoy their leisure time. Having both can force you to take it all in. In this way you can lose opportunities that you already have at your age, such as participating in your social environment or belonging to a sports environment.
  • A further increase in substance abuse. Many teens with extra money may be at greater risk of enjoying themselves with alcohol and drug use. The addition of increased responsibility, no support and where extra money is kept can lead many young people to make the wrong decisions.

The fact that a teenager works can be beneficial and at the same time risky. Everything will depend on family support, maturity of the youth and what their organizational skills are like. Much will depend on how the parents want to guide the situation.

Therefore, even if they work and are independent, it does not mean that they already have everything solved. The need of the parents must still be present, they have to offer their support so that you can solve the setbacks.

In addition, you have to keep track of your studies and your day-to-day homework. Do not neglect family dynamics where you have to continue enjoying your free time, your family and friends. When young people don't learn to organize quickly, they may neglect their studies, lower their grades and fill those gaps by wanting to spend money on things they didn't buy before. Therefore, the accompaniment of their guardianship is of vital importance.

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