Susana Godoy

I have a degree in English Philology, a career that I chose because of my passion for languages, literature and culture from different countries. I also like to enjoy good music of all genres and eras, from classic rock to current pop. Since I was very little, I always had a calling to be a teacher, and I feel lucky to have been able to dedicate myself to this profession for years. I love transmitting my knowledge and seeing how my students learn and grow. But my life is not limited to the academic field. I am also a content writer on various topics, especially motherhood. This is one of the best experiences life gives us, but also one of the most challenging. Being a mother means facing a complicated world full of doubts, where there are no easy or universal answers. Therefore, I think it is important to share our experiences, advice and reflections with other mothers who are in the same situation. We are in a constant learning process thanks to the little ones, who give us the best experiences and teach us to see life with different eyes.