Why are my children very demanding?

Why are my children very demanding?

Every child sues out of necessity, because they are children and they need that attention that they cannot give themselves. But the demand can become an exorbitant demand and become a high demand. Many families do not know how to deal with this fact and wonder why their children are very demanding.

A child with a normal life and normal evolutionary development is within the range of its demand limits. But when a child is unable to develop at the pace of others and needs special attention here we have to point out that he is a child with "high demand".

When children are very demanding

A child becomes a great demander when you are valued personally with that behavior. Parents may not handle a child's demands well because perhaps it is true that you need it. Or perhaps it is the children, who are more demanding and like absorb the attention and demand of parents.

In order to analyze this situation, it is necessary to determine if the child really is very demanding. What for many people this type of attitude can be a normal behavior, for others it will be of a high degree and it would be necessary to analyze if it is true. You have to be aware that children they are demanding by nature, at least when they are babies, and that later they have to fill in with certain obligations.

Why are my children very demanding?

What characterizes them as being very demanding?

Dependence can become a continuous fight between parents and children. They are children with a high demand in ask or protest that something is wrong, if you do not respond to their requests they feel tired, overwhelmed and stressed. One day they ask and the next day they ask for the same thing and they don't feel satisfied.

The most common requests we can see them when they are babies. They always want to be in their parents' arms, they demand their mother's attention to breastfeed them and they hardly sleep at night.

When they begin to have more independence is when they should grow alongside your curiosity. However, there are children who are not entertained by anything, protest immediately when they are playing, are not comfortable in the crib, in the hammock, in the car... For some parents, living with children is in such high demand it becomes survival.

How demanding children behave

Each child is a different world, but when you have several children at home, both of them may act very demanding. They usually have a very intense character where their emotions express them exorbitant and they can go from crying to laughing with sudden changes.

Why are my children very demanding?

Their demands are of all kinds, from the request for affection, calls for attention, that you give them time, dedication... even when they want to stop these forms with some type of mechanism or strategy, the next day their demands may continue without further ado.

Among these demands are because they need a lot of physical contact by their parents. They will always want that affection, to be held, hugged, tucked in, held by the hand. These children have a great sensitivityboth physically and emotionally. They are very sensitive to shocks, noises and any sensation, which is a challenge for them.

others on the contrary They are hyperactive with many gain from moving, with a great activity and when they are always waiting to be attended by anyone around them.

In the dream they usually have many night awakenings and even their naps are usually short-lived. In feeding, they may replace your attention or emptiness by eating more food than usual, to feel more comfortable.

To be able to resolve their emotional conflicts there is nothing better than dialogue and he toaccompaniment in their emotions. Talking with them comforts them and respond to your demands also, but with a self-control. Must establish rules and routines we cannot let the demand increase without a base. Before the pleas of the children you have to be very patient and calm, these situations will neutralize the moment a lot and with time the demands can be appeased.

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