The clowns on TV

The clowns on TV

Los Payasos de la Tele is a circus show company that has accompanied many of the Spanish of the last century in our growth.

be a better teacher

3 modern ideas to improve as a teacher

If you are a teacher, you have in your classroom the children of many fathers and mothers ... They are your students and they deserve to be better as teachers.

How to be patient with children

Raising a child is not a simple and easy task and there are times when you have to arm yourself with a lot of patience so as not to end up riding a Christ.

Do homework

What is childhood?

Childhood is the stage of life that goes from the birth of the baby to the child's own maturity in which he becomes an adolescent.

Games to work on the Rights of the Child

The UN recognizes the Rights of the Child, which can be summarized in that the child has the right to be a child. We teach you how to work by playing these values.

Educational games

Sort toys to avoid accumulation

Order toys and you will avoid having too much accumulation in the house of toys that no longer serve your children ... We explain how.

gossiping women

Stop criticizing other mothers

Mothers are women and therefore we have a lot in common. It is important that we are aware of this to support ourselves rather than destroy ourselves.

Natural birth at home

Natural birth at home

Some future mothers decide to adopt the measure of giving birth at home for special reasons, they prefer to have a warm and familiar environment.


What is child egoncentrism?

Childhood egocentricity occurs around two or three years of age and because of it, the child is believed to be the center of everything.

How to teach your child to walk

How to teach your child to walk

If you are about to complete your year of life, perhaps you are already trying to position yourself naturally in taking your first steps, helping you is very vital.

Lies in children

How to detect lies in children

As children grow up they gain skills that help them to reason their ideas much better, which is why they have the ability to lie.

Family photo

Family photo ideas

Family photos are precious reminders of how the family changes and grows from time to time. Especially in the ...

Be an egg and sperm donor to help others start a family

The basics of pacifier use

Why do babies use pacifiers? Although not all babies use it, the vast majority do. We tell you why it is beneficial in some cases.

Play dough games and hygiene tips

Do you want to play with clay? It is a great activity for children and adults and a very noble material to have fun without making a lot of dirt in the house.

post abortion

How to get over an abortion

Overcoming an abortion is not easy and it is normal to go through a series of phases in which the couple must accept that they have lost their baby.

teen series

The 5 best series for teens

Watching series is a challenge to overcome adolescence as such a philosophical moment, they help them understand our type of society much better.

motivational phrases for a teenager

17 motivational phrases for teens

A motivating phrase for a teenager can be the key piece to start a new path and set goals in their life, they will help them feel better.

How to potty train my child

How to teach my child to go to the bathroom? A question that many mothers and fathers ask themselves and to which we give an answer today in order to know the process.

The change from infant to primary

The change from infant to primary

The change from Infant to Primary is a great challenge. For some parents the change will go unnoticed but you have to face this change in a mature way.

Leave the bottle

When to stop the bottle

There are children who know how to drink from a glass but they still continue with their bottle. There are several factors that can be applied to remove it and you have to discover them.

Warts in pregnancy

Warts during pregnancy

During pregnancy a woman's skin can be affected and her behavior results in the appearance of the unwelcome warts.

The hen Turuleca

The hen Turuleca

The hen, Turuleca, is really crazy …… Who does not remember the lyrics of this song? The Turuleca hen is part of ...

anger in children

Anger, a problem for everyone

Anger is an emotion. It manifests itself in all people and especially in children. Learn to analyze its causes and how to deal with it.

Children should play outside every day

Parents: allow your children ...

There are things that you have to allow your children to do so that in this way they can grow up being happy ... and parents stress less!

The use of sarcasm in children

Sarcasm, do kids really get it?

Surely children do understand what sarcasm is, everything will depend on the age and psychology of the person so they will have some guidelines to alleviate it.

anemia pregnancy

Anemia in pregnancy

Anemia in pregnancy is very common. We tell you what its symptoms are, why it occurs, its consequences and what is its treatment.

pregnant belly

Don't touch my pregnant belly

If you are pregnant, you don't have to let anyone touch your belly. You have every right in the world to refuse if you don't want them to.

baby expenses

Your baby will decide when to be born

A baby that develops in the womb of its mother, must be there every day necessary until before birth, the little one will choose when to arrive in the world!

Barefoot baby on the beach.

Flat feet in babies

Babies are born with flat feet, without a plantar arch, but it is necessary to observe and assess whether it is modified or, on the contrary, treatment will be necessary.

Teen Movies

Teen Movies

Movies for teens to enjoy a movie session with the family. Three current titles, in which very important topics are dealt with

Pregnant woman with discomfort.

Pilonidal cyst in pregnant women

Pregnant women can have a pilonidal cyst, which is why it is necessary to seek the appropriate treatment so as not to harm either the mother or the child.

positive phrases children

Positive phrases for children

Words have a lot of weight and power in us, and more so in the little ones. We leave you some examples of positive phrases for children.

twin pregnancy

Twin pregnancy week by week

When you find out that two babies are coming, your heart skips a beat. Not only will you have a baby…! But…

teen pregnancy

Teen pregnancy, what to do?

A teenage pregnancy has its fears, intense emotions, and worries. We tell you what to do if you are living in this situation.

board games kids

Board games for kids

Children learn best through play. Today we are talking about the best board games for children and what they will learn with them.

Grandfather and grandson drinking milk

Mom gets old too

Mom also ages ... every living being ages and children must understand the naturalness of the life cycle so that they are not afraid of the passage of time.

pregnancy test

When to do the pregnancy test

A pregnancy test will help us to know if we are pregnant or not after a delay. We tell you what they measure, and when and how to do it.

Ovular membranes in pregnancy

What are ovular membranes

The ovular membranes are made up of the amnion, which contains the amniotic fluid and houses the fetus during pregnancy and the chorio.

Young people at a concert.

Why is the youth day celebrated?

On August 12, International Youth Day is celebrated, in support of a struggling population that can contribute a lot, and deserves to be taken care of.

surrogate maternity

What is surrogate motherhood?

Today we are talking about a reproduction technique that raises a lot of controversy: surrogacy. We tell you everything about her.

vocabulary games

Word games for kids

Vocabulary is very important in children's learning. We tell you word games for children to improve their vocabulary.

Woman with ectopic pregnancy

Types of ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic or extrauterine pregnancy is one that is gestated outside the uterine cavity. That is, in a pregnancy ...

Supplements during pregnancy: tardyferon

Tardyferon and pregnancy

Tardyferon is an iron supplement that many women must take during pregnancy, usually when they have anemia.

Tidy room of a girl.

Teach your child to be orderly

Teaching your child to be orderly will help you keep your things neat and organized and forge a more stable and less chaotic future lifestyle.

pregnant pilates

Can you exercise while pregnant?

Can I exercise while pregnant? Today we clarify your doubts about whether you can exercise in your state and which ones are the best.

How much should a baby weigh at birth?

The weight of the baby is one of the concerns of parents during pregnancy. We tell you how much a baby should weigh at birth and what factors influence it.

For the health of your children, avoid noisy toys

Less toys for more imagination

Toys have an educational role in the development of children, but when they stop doing their job, what is there to do with them?

premature birth

Preterm births: when they occur

5-10% of pregnancies are premature deliveries. We tell you its risk factors, its possible complications and how to prevent it.

summer camp

Enjoy the summer camps

If you already have the date planned for your child to go camping, what can you do to make him enjoy it even before starting the trip?

surly girl

Rough or unloving children

Love does not have a single language. Today we are talking about unfriendly or unloving children, how we should treat them and what can be owed.

autistic kids toys

Toys for autistic children

What to give an autistic child? We tell you which are the best toys for autistic children and thus help you in your choice.

How to teach a child to pee

The stage of teaching the child to pee is complicated and requires a lot of patience and some guidelines that can be helpful.

tobacco pregnancy

Smoking in pregnancy

We all know the harmful effects of tobacco. Today we tell you how smoking during pregnancy affects your body and your baby.

chronic ectopic pregnancy

Chronic ectopic pregnancy

Unfortunately, not all pregnancies follow their natural path. Today we talk about chronic ectopic pregnancy and what it consists of.

Postpartum depression

After delivery: what to expect

After the delivery comes a new adventure for the new mother, the physical and emotional recovery that everyone has meant ...

stimulate speak son

How to help your child speak

Each child has his own rate of speech learning. Today we tell you how to help your child speak to stimulate their learning.

pregnancy breast

Breast changes in pregnancy

Our chest is where the changes that occur with pregnancy can be seen before. Today we tell you the changes of the breast in pregnancy.

Pregnant with headache

Fainting in pregnancy

Different causes can lead to fainting in pregnancy, hormonal changes are the main cause, but there are other reasons

teach crawling

How to teach a baby to crawl

There are children who learn to crawl early and others who take longer. Today we are talking about how to teach a baby to crawl.

Child shows shocked and nervous face after lying.

How to know that your child is lying to you

Children are pure innocence, especially in their first years of life. Over time they change, evolve, absorb and imitate actions and attitudes that Certain signs can help detect when a child is lying.

Baby puts his finger in his mouth suffering from pain due to the emergence of a tooth.

How to know if my baby is teething

Being parents of a baby implies detecting discomfort that he cannot clear up. One of the stages that parents fear the most is teething. In Certain symptoms and behaviors of the baby indicate that he has discomfort or restlessness due to the emergence of his first teeth.

Pregnant woman breathes while touching her tummy.

How to know if I am in labor

One of the most common questions that invade the thoughts of a pregnant woman, is to know when she is in labor. In this article some will be given. There are certain indications that allow us to know that the woman is in labor.

study better children

How to make a child study

Many parents worry about their children's studies. Today we will talk about how to make a child study and be more motivated.

colorful bicycle

The first bicycle

The first bicycle can mark our childhood. Learn about the benefits of cycling here and the importance of your first bike.

What is hidden behind a kiss?

Behind a kiss many things can hide, we tell you from the benefits to the risks, going through the true meaning of a kiss.

Family in the field celebrating Easter

5 family plans to enjoy Holy Week

We are in Holy Week, the most important period for the Christian Community. But we are also in the middle of the holiday period, where ...