Tattoos to cover the cesarean scar

Tattoos to cover the cesarean scar

C-sections They require a cross cut that is generally made below the bikini line. For many women, this scar does not bother them, however, for others, and even though these scars today are not what they were before, they prefer to hide them. And tattoos are a great ally for cover the cesarean scar.

There are women who undergo different treatments to eliminate or conceal their scars, while others prefer beautify them by getting a tattoo. Does the idea appeal to you? If so, discover how long you should wait to get that tattoo and some of the best designs for it.

How long should I wait to get the tattoo?

Scars take time to heal and in the process they change shape. And it is important to respect the times and let the skin be well healed and heal before tattooing it to avoid problems. How much? Most agree that we should wait at least one year from birth of your baby, although there are many voices that recommend extending it to two years.

Cesarean section scar

When considering the idea of ​​beautifying your scar with a tattoo, the best idea is always to Before doing so, consult your doctor. and the tattoo artist himself whether or not it is advisable to get the tattoo. And in some things, beyond respecting a certain amount of time, there may be some inconvenience in tattooing directly on the scar. Something that is not necessary, since you can make drawings that complement and integrate it with an equally beautiful result.

Is it advisable to do it on the scar?

Beyond the convenience or not of each case of doing the tattoo on a scar, you should know what to do on it. it can be painful. And no matter how scarred and healed the skin is, it is still more sensitive. Something that, without a doubt, you should take into account when making the decision.

Always when getting a tattoo but especially if it is in a sensitive area like scar After a cesarean section you must also pay special attention to the hygienic conditions of the place. Visit different places and make sure it is a salon with all the guarantees of safety and a good reputation.

6 tattoos for the cesarean scar

Are you convinced about getting a tattoo on your cesarean section scar? You probably already have some idea in mind, but if not, Madres Hoy We share with you different ideas that may inspire you.

Tattoos to cover the cesarean scar

  1. Feather. Feathers are one of the favorite tattoos for women. Feather tattoos generally symbolize freedom, but they also represent protection and that is why they are very popular to cover the wax scar.
  2. Hummingbird The hummingbird is an emblem of love, hope and spiritual freedom. In many cultures, moreover, the hummingbird symbolizes the ephemeral beauty of life and the ability to find joy in small pleasures. Hollyhocks, hibiscus and honeysuckle are ideal flowers with which to complement these tattoos.
  3. Butterflies. The butterfly represents change and metamorphosis, and what represents a greater change in the life of one than being a mother? In the case of tattoos to cover the cesarean scar, these are usually integrated into a bouquet of flowers as shown in the images above.

Cesarean section scar tattoos

  1. Dragon-fly. Dragonflies are really important insects in some eastern cultures, since they are considered good luck charms. It is not unusual, therefore, for them to be accompanied by flowers that also have great symbolism in those cultures, such as the peony, the spider lily flower, the cherry blossom, the asagao or the camellia.
  2. Colorful flower bouquets. With small but colorful flowers, these bouquets represent life and joy. A good way to honor that scar and what it means, without a doubt.
  3. Large flowers in black and white. Just as popular as the previous ones are black and white tattoos composed of large flowers that often do not limit themselves to covering the scar. If you are looking for an eye-catching option, this is yours!

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