7 easy recipes for children without using fire

Easy recipes for children without fire

Hen/Stag easy recipes for children without fire They are one of the best alternatives to be calm. Because they want to participate but when we have to light the fire, danger can always lurk quickly. So, it's time to turn off the stove and let ourselves be carried away by simple, delicious and safe ideas.

You can take advantage of the weekends to do this type of recipes, because there is more free time, or during the summer and your vacations. I'm sure they love it because what you cook yourself seems to taste better. You will surely have the most fun time in the kitchen!

Watermelon pizza among the easy recipes for children without fire

Hen/Stag healthy foods They always have to be the basis of recipes for children. In this case we are talking about some watermelon slices that you must count in a triangular shape. Because this is how they simulate a pizza and it is certainly one of the favorite foods for everyone. Of course now, as we say, it will be much healthier. On each slice you can add a little yogurt and some blueberries or whatever fruits you like the most.

Oatmeal Cookies

Healthy no-bake cookies

It is true that to do everything type of cookies You need the oven at least. But this case is an exception because you won't even remotely need it. To do this, you do have to mash a couple of bananas until you get a puree. Now we will add oats until the dough thickens and finally, we have to add the cocoa powder and stir well. We shape the cookies and the refrigerator. Another option is to add melted chocolate and when you put them in the refrigerator they will harden.

fruit skewers

Fruit skewers

No doubt the fruit skewers They are another of the healthy alternatives and for which you do not need the oven at all. You know, with some long sticks of those special ones for skewers, you should place pieces of fruit on each of them. You can alternate fruits and their colors to make them even more appetizing. But in this case, you can have several containers with the cut fruit and let the little ones place them as they wish.

Very sweet lemon cream

If we want a very sweet dessert then we can also treat ourselves like this. This is a cold lemon cream, since it has to go in the refrigerator. How is it prepared? Well, in the simplest way because we will only have to mix about 400 grams of condensed milk with 4 lemon yogurts and a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice if you want it to have an acidic touch. When you mix everything well, you can divide it into glasses, put it in the refrigerator and serve very cold.

A cake but made of sliced ​​bread

One of the cold foods par excellence, during the hot season, is sliced ​​bread cake. Without a doubt, it is also a very simple option to do as a family and enjoy a balanced meal. You just need a large tray or mold and place a first layer of bread slices. About them, a mixture that can be tuna and vegetables, chopped York ham with cheese, chopped prawns And a long etcetera.

Coconut balls

Coconut balls

To perform these Coconut balls You need about 200 grams of condensed milk that you will mix with 30 grams of grated coconut. When you have the dough ready, you should let it rest overnight or for several hours until it gains consistency. Then, you will form the balls and you can pass them through grated coconut or chocolate shavings or whatever you want.


For a quick dinner, nothing like some fajitas because they will surely be the delight of the little ones. For this you need the corn cakes and you can fill with cooked ham, cheese or corn and lettuce. A little mayonnaise and ready to enjoy. I'm sure the little ones will be happy to help.

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