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Mothers Today is a website of AB Internet and we carry it out with great affection, addressing all parents or people related to the world of children and adolescents who want to discover information about motherhood, fatherhood, parenting, education, child psychology, child health, crafts, recipes for children, educational guidelines, tips for parents, tips for teachers ... In short, we are dedicated to analyzing the most important information that any parent, or anyone who has children or adolescents in their care, it may interest you. We also talk about family, emotions, school, curiosities and much more.

The writing team is made up of people who, in one way or another, are connected to the world of education and motherhood. Specialized in telling everything you need to know about raising your children. The content we offer is of quality so that you have the best information at your disposal. If you want to know what we can talk to you about, visit our page sections!

El Editorial team of Madres Hoy It is made up of the following editors:

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    • Tony Torres

      Parenting is an exciting world, full of challenges that can be overwhelming at times. The love for children is infinite, but it is not always enough to solve day-to-day issues. Discovering it on my own skin led me to investigate more about motherhood and respectful parenting. Sharing my learning, added to my passion for writing, has become my way of life. I am Toñy and I accompany you in the exciting world called motherhood. .

    • Alicia tomero

      I am Alicia, very passionate about my motherhood and cooking. I love listening to children and enjoying all their development, that is why curiosity about them has given me the ability to write any advice that can be given as a mother.

    • Susana godoy

      Degree in English Philology, lover of languages, good music and always with a vocation as a teacher. Although this profession can be combined with content writing and especially with motherhood. A world that we learn, feel and discover every day together with our little ones, to be broken down here.

    • Miriam Guasch

      Pharmacist graduated in 2009 from the University of Barcelona (UB). Since then I have focused my career on taking advantage of natural plants and traditional chemistry. I am a lover of children, animals and nature.

    • Naomi Fernandez

      I have a degree in Biology with an intensification in Cellular and Molecular Biology. I have complementary training in Psychology and experience in education as a teacher at the secondary level. As a biologist and passionate about Psychology, there is nothing that can excite me more than working for Madres Hoy: the place where my two passions come together, because talking about motherhood is talking about life in all its dimensions.

    • maruuzen

      I have a degree and a teacher in Communication and I have participated in several TV programs for children, generating content designed for them. Being, at the same time, mother and aunt of children of different ages and sexes, gives me all kinds of experiences that I try to capture in my articles.

    Former editors

    • maria jose roldan

      Mother, therapeutic pedagogue, psychopedagogue and passionate about writing and communication. My children teach me to be a better person and to see the world in a different way, thanks to them I am in continuous learning ... Motherhood changed my life, perhaps more tired but always happier.

    • Ana L.

      Hello, I write about almost any subject because I could not do otherwise. The dissemination of ideas, values ​​and information seems fundamental to me. Especially the subject of education, regulated or not, and training in children and adolescents seems very interesting to me.

    • Martha Castelos

      Psychologist passionate about Emotional Intelligence and personal development. I like to do everything possible so that children and their parents are well, and most importantly: be happy, because there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a united family.

    • Sergio Gallego

      I am the father of two wonderful children and I love everything related to either pedagogy or education. Being able to write in Mothers Today helps me pass on everything I have learned over the years as the father and husband of a splendid family.

    • Macarena

      14 and a half years ago I met my great teacher, two years later a person who lives up to his name (Sofia) came to the world; They do not resemble the children of my dreams because they are much better ... I am eager to tell you things about what I am learning ... and for you to tell me.

    • Maria Jose Almiron

      My name is María José, I live in Argentina, and I have a degree in Communication but above all a mother of two children who make my life more colorful. I have always liked children and that is why I am also a teacher so this being with children is easy and enjoyable for me. I like to transmit, teach, learn and listen. Especially when it comes to children. Of course, also writing like this is that here I am adding my pen for whoever wants to read me.

    • Ana M Longo

      I was born in Bonn (Germany) in 1984 and I am the daughter of Galician and migrant parents. Children have always been and are a reference in my life; In fact, I studied the Bachelor of Education because I knew, from a young age, that my work had to be related to them, and I have even been a child caregiver and private teacher on some occasions. I love what I do, and I hope that is reflected in my articles.

    • Jasmin bunzendahl

      I am the mother of two children with whom I learn and grow every day. Besides being a mother, which is the "title" of which I am most proud, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Biology, a Nutrition and Dietetic Technician and a Doula. I love studying and researching everything related to motherhood and parenting. Currently I combine my work in a pharmacy with the courses and workshops that I teach on various topics related to motherhood.

    • Mari Carmen

      Hello! I love writing and I am passionate, by vocation and training, of creativity and teaching, two of the aspects in which mothers learn to do watchmaking and thus become true experts for their children.

    • Iris Gamen

      The love that is felt for the little ones in the house is incalculable. Writing about the new adventures experienced by being parents is a learning experience for both you and me.

    • Nati garcia

      I am a midwife, mother and I have been writing a blog for some time. I am very concerned about everything related to motherhood, upbringing and the personal growth of women. Only by being well informed can we decide what is best for us and our family.

    • Maria Madroñal placeholder image

      Mother of an inspiring light, future pedagogue, technically decorator, eternal writer in the shadows, artisan, vocalist and composer, apprentice of everything, teacher of nothing. In love with education, music and life in general. Positivist in extremis, everything has a good side and if it doesn't, I'll be in charge of creating it. Next to my little one, everything is much easier.

    • Valeria sabater

      I am a psychologist and writer, my passions are writing and children. I help them to enhance their basic skills, to integrate into this complex world so that they learn to be happy and independent. Working with them is a wonderful adventure that never ends.

    • Yasmina Martinez

      Mother in practice, YouTuber at times and Superior Laboratory Technician. I fulfilled my dream of being a young mother, every day is a new adventure, and I do not change it for anything! I like to be informed about all current issues regarding the upbringing of our little ones and share what I learn with all of you. I strongly believe that today's children can change the future of our Earth.

    • Martha Crespo

      Hello! I am a sociologist and passionate about children. I make videos about the toys that the little ones in the house like the most. In addition to being entertaining for them, they will be able to acquire knowledge that will help them in their educational and socialization process, learning to relate to their family and their environment in a healthy and happy way.

    • Mel elices

      My passion for education led me to study Early Childhood Education first and then a Pedagogy career. And my curiosity (to unsuspected limits), led me to investigate topics related to emotional education, positive discipline and respectful parenting.

    • Montse Armengol

      Proud mom of a boy in his teens. In love with life and nature. Lover of literature, photography and dance since my childhood. Self-taught by nature and with an infinite number of projects that I dream of waking up with. Specialized in child psychology, my profession is my passion. I have always been amazed by children's curiosity for discovery and their creative potential.

    • Ale Jimenez

      My name is Ale and I am a Early Childhood Educator. I am not a mother yet, although in the future I would like to be one since I love children. I am also passionate about the world of cooking, crafts and drawing, that is why I am convinced that I can help you a lot with the education of your children.

    • Rosana Gadea

      I am curious, restless and nonconformist, which makes me question almost continuously the world that surrounds us, especially what is related to motherhood and parenting, where so much myth and false belief dwells. I like to get to the root, to the cause and from there, to act. I am trained in breastfeeding and in prevention and promotion of child health.

    • Donlu Musical

      Since I was little I have had a passion for teaching the little ones and playing with them. So I hope that through my articles I can show you all the advantages of family activities.