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Madres Hoy It is an AB Internet website and we create it with great care, addressing all fathers and mothers or people related to the world of children and adolescents who want to discover information about motherhood, fatherhood, parenting, education, child psychology, child health, crafts, recipes for children, educational guidelines, advice for parents, advice for teachers... In short, we are dedicated to analyzing the most important information that any parent, or anyone who has children or adolescents in their care, can find. interest. We also talk about family, emotions, school, curiosities and much more.

The writing team is made up of people who, in one way or another, are connected to the world of education and motherhood. Specialized in telling everything you need to know about raising your children. The content we offer is of quality so that you have the best information at your disposal. If you want to know what we can talk to you about, visit our page sections!

El editorial team of Madres Hoy It is made up of the following editors:

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    • maria jose roldan

      I am María José Roldán, a dedicated therapeutic pedagogue and psychopedagogue, but above all, a proud mother. My children are not only my greatest inspiration, but also my best teachers. Every day I learn from them and they teach me to see the world with new eyes, filling me with love, joy and invaluable teachings. Motherhood has been my greatest blessing and the engine that drives my constant personal growth. Although it may be tiring at times, it never fails to fill me with happiness and satisfaction. Being a mother has transformed me, it has made me more patient, understanding and empathetic. In addition to my love for motherhood, I am also passionate about writing and communication. I believe in the power of words to connect, inspire and transform lives. Education and passion intertwine to create a full and meaningful life.

    • Alicia tomero

      I'm Alicia, very passionate about my motherhood and cooking. I dedicate myself to being a content creator and editor, thanks to my teachings and my master's degree in creative writing. I love listening to children and enjoying all their development, which is why my curiosity about them has given me the ability to write down any advice that can be given as a mother. In addition, I am a cooking teacher for the little ones and I offer workshops with the advantage of being able to learn together.

    • Susana godoy

      I have a degree in English Philology, a career that I chose because of my passion for languages, literature and culture from different countries. I also like to enjoy good music of all genres and eras, from classic rock to current pop. Since I was very little, I always had a calling to be a teacher, and I feel lucky to have been able to dedicate myself to this profession for years. I love transmitting my knowledge and seeing how my students learn and grow. But my life is not limited to the academic field. I am also a content writer on various topics, especially motherhood. This is one of the best experiences life gives us, but also one of the most challenging. Being a mother means facing a complicated world full of doubts, where there are no easy or universal answers. Therefore, I think it is important to share our experiences, advice and reflections with other mothers who are in the same situation. We are in a constant learning process thanks to the little ones, who give us the best experiences and teach us to see life with different eyes.

    • María Rosal (Fernán‐Núñez, Córdoba, 1961) is a complete writer. She has published children's theatre, has received the Andalusian Critics' Award (2004), the Children's Poetry Award (2007) and the José Hierro National Poetry Award for Carmín rojo sangre (2015). Her poetic work has been translated into English, Italian and Greek.<br/>
This is her second book for children in edebé, after the funniest title, El secreto de las patatas fritas.<br/>
Maria has a very funny sense of humour.

      I am María, a woman passionate about words and life. Since I was little I liked reading and writing stories, and over time I discovered that I also loved taking care of others. Although I have not had children of my own, I have been like a second mother to many boys and girls that I have been lucky enough to know and accompany in their growth. Therefore, when they offered me the opportunity to write in Madres Hoy, I didn't doubt it for a moment. I found it a wonderful way to share with other women my experiences, my advice, my doubts and my learnings about motherhood and everything that surrounds it.

    Former editors

    • Tony Torres

      My journey into the world of motherhood began with the birth of my first child. Suddenly, I found myself sailing through an ocean of doubts and joys, where each wave brought with it a new discovery. I learned that being a mother is much more than taking care of a life; is to shape the future through small everyday gestures. With each step I took, my curiosity grew. I immersed myself in books, attended workshops, and listened to other mothers' experiences. I understood that respectful parenting is not a fad, but a way of educating based on love, understanding and mutual respect. This philosophy became the compass that guides my work as a mother and as a writer. Today, I share my experiences and knowledge through my writings, hoping to be a light for other mothers who, like me, seek the balance between intuition and information. I am Toñy, mother and editor, and every word I write is a piece of my soul that I offer on the altar of motherhood.

    • Ana L.

      As a psychologist specialized in Emotional Intelligence and personal development, my vocation is to guide families on their path to emotional well-being. My focus is on strengthening family bonds and promoting positive parenting practices that foster happiness and harmony in the home. I am dedicated to creating safe spaces where parents and children can learn and grow together, overcoming everyday challenges with love and understanding. I firmly believe that a united family is the foundation for a stronger, more compassionate society, and I strive every day to make this ideal a tangible reality for all those who seek my advice.

    • Martha Castelos

      I am a psychologist, specialized in Emotional Intelligence and personal development. Since I was little, I was fascinated by the world of the human mind and how it influences our well-being. For this reason, I decided to dedicate myself to this profession, which allows me to help people know themselves better, manage their emotions and achieve their goals. My passion for psychology has intensified since I became a mother. I have discovered that motherhood is a wonderful experience, but also full of challenges and difficulties. Therefore, I like to do everything possible so that the children and their parents are well, and most importantly: they are happy, because there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a united family.

    • Sergio Gallego

      I am the father of two wonderful children, who are the axis of my life and my greatest source of inspiration. Since they came into the world, I have immersed myself fully in the universe of parenting, exploring every facet of pedagogy and education. I am passionate about discovering and sharing innovative methods that promote the comprehensive development of children. Write for Madres Hoy It is an opportunity to connect with other fathers and mothers, exchange experiences and offer my unique perspective as a father. Throughout these years, I have accumulated countless anecdotes, learnings and unforgettable moments with my family, which I consider an invaluable treasure. In each article I write, I try to capture all the wisdom and love that I have cultivated in my role as a father. My goal is to inspire, guide and accompany others on their wonderful journey through motherhood and fatherhood, always from an honest and empathetic perspective.

    • Macarena

      Almost fifteen years ago, my life changed forever when I met my great teacher, my first son. His arrival taught me more about life than any book or teacher before him. Two years later, the family grew with the arrival of Sofia, a girl who not only lives up to her name, which means wisdom, but also brought a new light to our lives. As a motherhood writer, I'm excited to share with you the joys and challenges of this journey. So I invite you to join me in this exchange of wisdom, experiences and support. Because if there is one thing I have learned, it is that in motherhood, as in life, we are eternal students.

    • Maria Jose Almiron

      My name is María José, I live in Argentina, and I have a degree in Communication but above all I am the mother of two children who make my life more colorful. I have always liked children and that is why I am also a teacher, so being with children is easy and enjoyable for me. I like to transmit, teach, learn and listen. Especially if it involves children. Of course, also writing like this is where I am adding my pen for whoever wants to read me. I am passionate about motherhood and everything that surrounds it. I love sharing my experiences, advice, doubts and reflections about this wonderful journey of being a mother. I believe that each mother has her own way of raising and educating her children, and that we can all learn from each other. Therefore, I like to read and write about topics related to parenting, health, education, nutrition, leisure and the well-being of children and mothers.

    • Ana M Longo

      I was born in Bonn, a German city of great cultural wealth, in 1984. Since I was little, I grew up in a home full of love and Galician traditions, thanks to my parents, who emigrated in search of a better future. My childhood was marked by the joy and laughter of the children around me, which led me to discover my passion for education and child development. Over time, my interest in understanding and contributing to the growth of the little ones became my vocation. For this reason, I decided to study Pedagogy, a career that has allowed me to explore the depths of learning and child psychology. During my university years, I not only acquired theoretical knowledge, but also had the opportunity to apply it in practice, working as a childminder and private teacher. These experiences have taught me the importance of patience, empathy and creativity in education.

    • Jasmin bunzendahl

      I am the mother of two wonderful children who are my greatest source of learning and joy. Every day at your side is an adventure that allows me to grow personally and emotionally. My love for them is what has led me to proudly embrace the title of “mother,” which I consider the most significant in my life. My passion for life and wellness guided me to obtain my bachelor's degree in Biology, as well as my Nutrition and Dietetics Technician degree. Furthermore, my commitment to support during the motherhood process led me to train as a Doula, an experience that has enriched my vision of birth and parenting. I am fascinated by the world of motherhood and everything that it entails. I dedicate much of my time to studying and researching the latest advances and trends in this field, always with the goal of offering the best support and knowledge to the families I work with.

    • Miriam Guasch

      My passion for pharmacy began in my youth, inspired by the desire to understand how the elements of nature can contribute to our health and well-being. After obtaining my degree in Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona in 2009, I dedicated myself to exploring the perfect balance between natural remedies and advances in pharmaceutical chemistry. Over time, my interest expanded to motherhood and pediatrics, areas that I consider fundamental to the development of a healthy society. My personal and professional experience has taught me the importance of taking care not only of oneself, but also of the new generations. As a mother and professional, I understand the challenges and joys that come with raising children. I firmly believe that a loving, healthy environment is essential for children's growth and happiness, and I strive to promote this message through my work and daily life.

    • Mari Carmen

      Hello! I love writing and I am passionate about creativity and teaching, two fields that I have embraced both by vocation and by training. As a mother, I have found these aspects to be vital to navigating the wonderful but challenging world of motherhood. Every day, I learn new ways to stimulate my children's imagination and guide their learning, turning each small moment into an opportunity to teach and learn together. My journey as a mother has made me a true expert at juggling responsibilities and finding magic in the everyday, skills that I now capture in my writing to inspire and support other mothers on their own journey.

    • Iris Gamen

      From the moment I knew motherhood would be part of my journey, my world completely changed. The unconditional love felt for those little beings that fill the house with joy and chaos is something that can only be understood by living it. Every day, as I write about the adventures and challenges of parenting, I immerse myself in a sea of ​​emotions and shared experiences. Through my words, I seek to connect with other fathers and mothers, offering comfort, inspiration and a friendly voice on the journey of parenting. For me, being a motherhood writer is not just a job, it's a passion. It's the opportunity to grow alongside you, my readers, as we navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of parenthood. Together, we learn, we laugh and, sometimes, we even cry, but always with the certainty that each experience enriches us and unites us more with those great little loves of our lives.

    • Nati garcia

      I am a midwife, mother and for some time I have been writing a blog about my experience and my reflections. I am passionate about everything related to motherhood, parenting, and women's personal growth. I believe that it is essential to be well informed and empowered to decide what is best for us and our family. On my blog I share advice, resources, testimonials and opinions on topics such as pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, education, health, sexuality and emotional well-being. My goal is to create a community of moms who support, inspire, and have fun together.

    • Maria Madroñal placeholder image

      I am the mother of an inspiring light that illuminates every day of my life. My son is my greatest motivation to continue learning and growing as a person and as a professional. I am studying pedagogy, because I am passionate about education and child development. I want to contribute to creating a better world for future generations. In love with education, music and life in general. I believe that everything has a good side and if it doesn't, I take care of creating it. I am a positivist in extremis, because I think that with optimism and attitude difficulties can be overcome. Next to my little one, everything is much simpler, because he gives me the strength and joy I need to move forward.

    • Valeria sabater

      I am a psychologist and writer, specialized in the field of motherhood and childhood. Since I was little I was fascinated by reading and writing stories, and I always knew I wanted to dedicate myself to it. I am also passionate about children, their way of seeing the world, their creativity and their innocence. That's why I decided to study psychology and train in child development. My work consists of helping children and their families enhance their basic skills, such as communication, attention, memory, emotion and socialization. I offer them tools and strategies to adapt to this complex and changing world, and to learn to be happy, autonomous and independent. Working with them is a wonderful adventure that never ends, because each child is unique and special.

    • Yasmina Martinez

      I am a trainee mother, who enjoys recording videos for YouTube when I have free time. I am also a Senior Laboratory Technician, a profession that I am passionate about and that allows me to be in contact with science. Since my son was born, my life has completely changed. I always wanted to be a young mother, and now I can live this wonderful experience with my partner and my family. Every day is a new adventure, full of challenges, learning and emotions. I like to be informed about all current issues regarding raising our little ones. From food, health, education, leisure, to child psychology. I am interested in knowing the different options and opinions that exist, and making the decisions that best suit the needs of my son and my family.

    • Martha Crespo

      Hello, I'm glad you want to know more about me. I'm a motherhood writer who shares her experience and advice with other mothers and fathers. I graduated in sociology and specialized in the study of childhood and family. Since I had my first child, I realized the importance of choosing toys well to stimulate his cognitive, emotional and social development. Therefore, I decided to create a YouTube channel where I show the toys that my son and other children I know like the most. My goal is to help parents choose the most appropriate toys for their children, taking into account their ages, interests and needs. Furthermore, I want children to have fun and learn by playing, encouraging their creativity, imagination and curiosity.

    • Mel elices

      I am a motherhood writer who shares her experiences, reflections and advice on how to raise children with respect, empathy and love. My passion for education led me to first study Early Childhood Education and then a degree in Pedagogy, where I learned the theoretical and practical foundations of teaching and learning. But my curiosity (to unsuspected limits) led me to investigate on my own on topics related to emotional education, positive discipline and respectful parenting, which I consider essential for the comprehensive development of boys and girls. Thus, I discovered new ways of understanding and accompanying my children, based on dialogue, understanding and trust. And I decided to share my findings, doubts and experiences with other mothers and fathers who are looking for a more conscious and humane way of educating.

    • Montse Armengol

      I am a proud mother of a boy in his teens, who teaches me something new every day and challenges me to be a better person. I am in love with life and nature, and I enjoy every moment that I can share with my family and friends. Since my childhood, I have been a lover of literature, photography and dance, and I have cultivated these hobbies with dedication and enthusiasm. I consider myself self-taught by nature, and I am always willing to learn new things and undertake projects that I daydream about. My profession is my passion: I am a specialist in child psychology, and I am dedicated to helping children and their families overcome their difficulties and enhance their strengths. I have always been amazed by children's curiosity for discovery and their creative potential, and I believe we have a lot to learn from them. My goal is to contribute to creating a happier and more harmonious world for future generations.

    • Jenny monge

      I'm Jenny, passionate about art history, restoration and conservation. I studied these disciplines at university and since then I have worked as a tourist guide, showing visitors the wonders of my city. But in addition to my profession, I have other hobbies that fill my life with joy and adventure. I am in love with nature and animals, I have horses and dogs with whom I share my free time. Sometimes they give me more than a headache, but I wouldn't change them for anything. I am fascinated by nature, both what surrounds us and what we carry inside. The human body is an incredible machine about which we have much left to discover. But above all, I like to write, learn new things, transmit and talk about history, art and curiosities. For this reason, I dedicate myself to writing articles about motherhood, a topic that interests me especially since I am the mother of two beautiful children.

    • Ale Jimenez

      My name is Ale and I am a Early Childhood Educator. Since I was little I have liked taking care of and playing with children, that's why I decided to dedicate myself to this beautiful and rewarding profession. I am not a mother yet, although in the future I would like to be one and start a family. I believe that motherhood is a unique and wonderful experience that changes a woman's life. I am also passionate about the world of cooking, crafts and drawing, which is why I am convinced that I can help you a lot with your children's education. In this blog I will share with you tips, activities, recipes and resources so that you can enjoy your little ones and stimulate their development.

    • Rosana Gadea

      I am a curious, restless and non-conformist person, who is not satisfied with easy or superficial answers. I like to investigate, read, learn and question the world around us, especially what is related to motherhood and parenting, where there are so many myths and false beliefs that can affect our well-being and that of our sons and daughters. I am interested in knowing the root, the cause, the why of things and from there, acting in a coherent and respectful way. I am trained in breastfeeding and in prevention and promotion of children's health, which allows me to offer evidence-based information and support families in their motherhood and fatherhood process. I am passionate about writing about these topics and sharing my experiences and reflections with other people who are also looking for a more conscious and happy way to live.