Gender reveal, a party that is increasingly celebrated


What is known as “gender reveal” or gender reveal parties have become a cultural phenomenon in recent years. At these types of parties the future parents They are going to reveal the sex of their baby to friends and family. This explosion of joy and happiness will translate into celebrations full of color and creativity. However, behind these types of parties and events, there are certain controversies about these types of celebrations and their impact on today's society.

In the following article we are going to talk to you in a more detailed and broader way. from the gender reveal parties and how these types of festivals have a certain impact on modern society.

What do “gender reveal” parties consist of?

The main idea behind a gender reveal party is to be able to create an exciting and memorable moment in which parents can share the news of the baby's sex with their loved ones and closest friends. Normally, the sex of the baby is kept completely secret until the moment of the celebration, and the parents receive this information from the doctor in a sealed envelope. From here they organize the aforementioned party with the aim of sharing the news of the baby's sex in a creative and fun way.

In recent years, gender reveal parties have become quite popular, becoming an essential element of the pregnancy experience for expectant parents. The rise of social networks Together with their impact on today's society, they have played a key role in the dissemination of these celebrations, because the photos and videos of these gender reveal parties go viral, inspiring other parents to organize their own parties. .

In addition to this, the market has been responsible for capitalizing on the success of these gender reveal parties., offering all types of products and services specially designed for these celebrations. Interested parents can find everything from themed decorations to personalized cakes and kits designed for the moment of the gender reveal. There is no doubt that the market has found a wonderful source of income around these types of parties.

What do “gender reveal” parties consist of?

During the celebration, a wide variety of themed activities and games related to the gender reveal are usually carried out. Some of the most common and used ways to reveal the sex of the baby include:

  • Future parents are in charge of cutting a special cake with a colored filling that will reveal the sex of the baby. This way, the cake can have a pink inner layer for a girl or blue for a boy.
  • Some balloons filled with helium and pink or blue confetti inside they can be released into the air to reveal the sex of the baby when exploded or punctured.
  • On other occasions, a series of devices will be used that will emit pink or blue smoke to reveal the sex of the baby the moment they are activated.
  • Some gender reveal parties go much further and consist of in fireworks or pyrotechnic devices that emit colored smoke or explode with pink or blue confetti.
  • You can organize games or activities in which different guests participate with the aim of guessing the sex of the baby. An example of this would be throwing darts at a giant balloon filled with confetti of the corresponding color.

These are just a few of the ways expectant parents can reveal the sex of their baby during such a party or celebration. The objective of these celebrations is none other than to create a special and exciting moment to share the news. with the closest people.


Some criticisms of “gender reveal” parties

Despite growing popularity, gender reveal parties have generated a great deal of criticism from society. One of the main criticisms is none other that the perpetuation of binary gender stereotypes and the pressure for children to end up adhering to completely traditional roles. By focusing on gender binarism, these celebrations exclude non-binary people, completely marginalizing them.

In addition to this, there have been occasions when these types of celebrations have had negative consequences for both the environment and public safety. There have been fires caused by pyrotechnic devices and enormous pollution caused by the release of helium balloons.


The impact on society of this type of festival

The Impact of Gender Reveal Parties on Today's Society It is quite complex. On the one hand, these celebrations can help strengthen family ties as they are an opportunity to share moments of joy and happiness with loved ones. However, we must not forget the role they will play in perpetuating gender norms that are restrictive as well as exclusive.

In the 21st century, when the fight for gender equality is at the center of public debate, it is normal to question how these festivals are going to reinforce existing power structures and social hierarchies. Instead of focusing on the gender binary, these types of celebrations could evolve and recognize that gender is a totally multifaceted experience.

In short, those popularly known as gender reveal parties have evolved from being created as a simple way to share the news of the baby's sex to becoming a truly global phenomenon. Although these are celebrations that provide moments of joy, they also tend to raise certain questions, such as the case of the perpetuation of gender stereotypes and the risks of excessive commercialization.

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