Do diapers ever expire?

Do diapers ever expire?

You're probably curious if Diapers expire or not. For years there have been many items for sale that They have an expiration label, although it does not lead to a real expiration. And we can find that in diapers, an essential in the lives of babies, but whose days may be numbered.

Many of us who use diapers tend to keep a small batch in the drawer, something that in the long run may be forgotten or because we don't want to throw it away. Don't worry, the diapers They tend to last much longer than we imagine, But you have to keep them safely stored because they can have minor wear and tear.

Do diapers really expire?

Generally and most brands of diapers They already include an expiration date on the diaper packaging.. The manufacturing date and the months to which it is exposed for it to expire are indicated. One has to calculate the expiration date from when they are opened, and if they are exposed outside their packaging that is when they begin to deteriorate.

But not all brands have their Date of Expiry, since many of them state that their diapers do not expire. This does not mean that they can expire, in reality it is not that anything has to happen, but rather that lose part of their properties which we will analyze later.

It is estimated that diapers have between two and three years of expiration, as long as they are stored in optimal conditions. It is enough to look at the materials, made with cellulose, paper and others, to imagine that they are materials that are difficult to degrade over time. But if they are altered, the diaper can lose effectiveness.

Do diapers ever expire?

How to tell when a diaper is expired?

If you have been given diapers as a gift or have found one in a drawer for years, you can analyze whether these pieces can have lost effectiveness. To find out, we analyze these details:

  • The change of color and shape. At first glance this is what we can suspect. If the diaper has turned yellow or its patterns have lost color, the diaper is probably already quite a few years old or has been exposed to sun or air. The diaper can also become more wrinkled in its central part, due to environmental absorption of moisture. This does not mean that it has lost effectiveness, but you have to take into account another piece of information that we analyze below.
  • Do an effectiveness test. The ultimate test is testing the diaper's absorption efficiency. Try to moisten it or add ¾ of a glass of water, in order to see if he retains it quickly or expands to the sides. If it is not absorbed quickly, it has probably lost its effectiveness and we can safely discard it. With this analysis we will avoid annoying leaks or the baby suffering from irritation because her needs have not been soaked well.

Do diapers ever expire?

  • Loss of elasticity of adhesive tapes. The elastics around the diaper, both in the legs and the waist, can become weak over time. With this information, it is ensured that the diaper does not have all the guarantees and that the baby's stools leak. Even Velcro-type diaper closures can run the risk of not closing properly and can come loose with any movement.

Is it safe to use expired diapers?

Expiration in this aspect is relative, because it has several variants. A diaper that has already been opened It can lose part of its properties in an interval of 2 to 3 years. Diapers when vacuum packed in their original packaging can last many years, they may even never expire. But some experts bet that They have an expiration date of between 3 to 5 years.

Is it safe to use expired diapers? Yes, you can use expired diapers, as they will not cause any allergies or discomfort to your baby's skin. The only thing that could be is that its materials have lost effectiveness, including poor moisture absorption.

This is because the environmental humidity could have been absorbed by the particles of the diaper and caused it to lose effectiveness. However, do not keep the diaper on the baby for too long, as it can feel compromised in their guarantees and there may be future leaks. Another of the data that we have already mentioned is the poor absorption of waste, if it is not done well, it produces faster irritations on your skin.

Store unused diapers in a safe place

It is common for many parents to buy many boxes on sale and eventually have leftovers. They keep them, because the babies grow up and they believe that they can give them away in the future, with the premise of not throwing them away.

Act quickly. keep them in a safe place, away from the sun and free of humidity. These are factors that deteriorate the quality of your materials. The ideal is to keep diapers in their original packaging, or wrap them securely to preserve them from these factors. Diapers are composed of hydrophilic polymers with the ability to absorb moisture, something that must be taken care of, especially in homes where there is a lot of humidity.

Do diapers ever expire?

Do organic diapers have an expiration date?

You have probably heard that there are ecological diapers. They are made with other types of materials, since their fabrics are biodegradable organic, do not contain chemicals and their technique is based on being produced with clean and renewable energies.

The fact that their materials are not made in such a chemical way, but rather more naturally, makes these diapers lose effectiveness over time. They do not usually have an expiration date, but it is clear that it can happen.

It is best to know how to calculate when they have started to be used and calculate about two years in the time of use. In this way we ensure that urine and feces are always kept at bay without leaving leaks or poor absorption. Rubber bands and closures also lose effectiveness over time.

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