How to increase male fertility

how to increase male fertility

Are you trying to have a baby and you want to know how to increase male fertility? Well, it's time to get to work, because it never hurts to carry out all the tips that we propose today. Since when a couple starts in baby search and without result, they go one step further looking for all kinds of solutions.

It is true that you should always consult your doctor so that he is the one who sends you the necessary tests. But in the meantime, we are going to see how to increase male fertility by doing your best and with quite simple and everyday gestures. Since all help is little when we set ourselves the goal of being parents.

How to increase male fertility: a little exercise

It has to be said that exercise is always one of the practices to take into account In our life. Because it provides us with endless benefits both for our mind and for our body and health in general. So, you have to move, a sedentary lifestyle is not positive for your fertility or your life. You should look for a type of Athletic discipline that motivates you and that you follow it over time. Remember that exercise should not be too intense because this can have a negative impact on the morphology of the sperm. So, always in a middle ground.

sport to improve semen quality

Maintain testicular temperature

For better semen quality, must be have an optimal temperature in the zone. That is why it is recommended not to exceed 37 degrees. But how can I control this? Well avoiding clothing that is too tight and opting for looser, more breathable underwear. So cotton is your best option. Avoid sports that cause friction in the area such as indoor cycling or continuous cycling. We already mentioned it before but sitting for many hours (sedentary lifestyle) also has a negative impact. If you work long hours sitting down, try taking short walks every once in a while.

Remove stress from your life

It is true that it is said very quickly but when it comes to putting it into practice it is not so simple. Remove stress from our lives It is quite complicated in most cases. But you must do it to increase male fertility. Find a moment each day to dedicate yourself, to do the activity you want or simply to walk and be alone. Relaxation techniques and sports are also essential to say goodbye to stress. Otherwise, remember that stress is responsible for reducing libido and also testosterone concentration.

healthy food

A healthier diet

It was clear that if we talk about playing sports, diet is also another step to follow when we talk about health, and in this case, to increase male fertility. All fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants They will help you improve quality. It is not something miraculous from one day to the next but it is a real help to take into account. Of course, the diet itself has to be varied with a portion of quality proteins such as fish or white meat. We cannot forget legumes and vegetables as well as another serving of carbohydrates. But you should leave aside pre-cooked, fatty and fried foods, as well as sweets. You can take all of these but in smaller quantities and on occasions.

Increase these vitamins and minerals

We have already said that the diet has to be healthy and varied, in summary. But if you want something more concise, remember that the vitamins C and E They have to be present, as well as B6 and B12. Add citrus fruits to your daily life, as well as kiwis and strawberries. Tomato, red peppers and also broccoli will help you.

Minerals to improve the quality of your semen are manganese, zinc and selenium. Eggs, shellfish such as clams or mussels or even seaweed will have to be present on your menus.

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