How to make children obey in class

How to make children obey in class

For many parents it is a great achievement to see that our children obey our requests, when it comes to for education and for the sake of their development. The annoying thing is when they resist complying with basic rules, such as going to bed on time, eating food, picking up their toys ... and that frustrates us and makes us lose patience. If in our house the rules are already difficult to comply with, What will happen when they go to school? And if there are also complaints from the teacher for breach of rules, how to make children obey in class?

Perhaps our way of educating in a particular way makes children get bored with our suggestions. When they change their scene and are in the school under the care of a teacher, the rules that are they are much more bearable. But there are children who by their own nature have that rebellious character and do not want to obey in class.

Why don't children obey?

We have surely thought more than once they don't listen, that we tell them the same thing fifty times and they still don't obey. There is the problem, if they need to listen to our request ten times to be able to do something, they will always wait for us to tell them. As many times as needed. In class teachers are usually blunt, you have to obey the first and at most the second, if not there is a warning.

The way of asking for things or the fact of governing something makes many children do not know how to understand where the authority is of someone when they have to obey. Many times you have to pull love and creativity so that other types of objectives are created. You can be nice asking for things and not shouting, in this way everything can start on the right track.

How to make children obey in class

What to do to make children obey in class?

There are children who they can reverse their behavior. We have reviewed the disobedient attitude of a child when he is at home. But maybe the child does obey at home and at school do the opposite. In this case it is necessary to analyze that there is nothing that is demotivating and that messes up your head.

There must be a explicit connection between parents and school. At this point, the intention of a father or mother should be reviewed in relation to the attitude of their child and observe what happens in class. In this case, the reasons and their daily behavior must be analyzed in detail.

How to make children obey in class

There are children who come unmotivated because they do not rest well. There is no good atmosphere at home, there is a child who disturbs him or a classmate who distracts him too much. All of these examples may be reasons enough for the child behave in absentia and he just likes to be his own way.

Behavior can be tracked from home positive and negative of class. If in class there are effective advances and the child is obedient, it can be created a table of positive points that can be exchanged for something that you like and that motivates you.

The boy or girl must be taught that you can become a good student and that obedience can create positive reinforcement. It is very important that you keep in mind that you always have to obey an older person and in this way make other children see the same attitude to follow the same example.

We are aware that the discipline it doesn't work well with everyone. There are children who for various reasons and their way of life are already problematic. They have a difficult character or because there are problems around them that are altering them. There are parents who seek psychological support because they believe that their child has an attention deficit, and nothing beyond what appears can be real. The important is work the child from the inside, with patience, positivism and affection. All of these factors can change the way a child looks.

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