How to stop children from screaming

How to stop children from screaming

We agree that when someone screams it is not a way that pleases for our reception of sounds. Especially when a child does it, since its emission is much more acute and it makes our ears much more annoying. We know that babies can create this sound as an unconscious means of communication, but older children should be aware that it is not a healthy way to communicate. In Mothers Today we propose some of the techniques that can help you how to keep children from screaming.

The way many children communicate and yelling may become a common way of expressing yourself. We know that it is not a healthy way, both for him and for those around him. You have to analyze the reasons and find out if it is because of their way of attracting attention or they do it by imitation.

Reasons why a child screams

There are several reasons that drive a child to scream. At first it may seem a natural way to express yourself, especially when they are in an understood age a baby that begins to emit sounds and up to 3 years. As a general rule, it is usually to attract attention, its emission of sounds in a high way makes the child pay more interest and that it can become routine.

The expression of emotions when they are not pleasant is also part of the way in how children externalize it. It occurs when there is frustration, anger, when something stresses them ... and that makes express himself with shouts. The same occurs with older people, if the parents replicate by example, the child may also I'm doing it by imitation. If children constantly observe this way of communicating at home they will believe that it is the best way to communicate.

How to stop children from screaming

Another much more serious way could be that the child have limited powers to communicate, and demonstrate that by speaking in a higher tone or yelling. The same happens when they may have a hearing problem and by not listening to yourself you are raising your voice.

What can be done to keep children from screaming?

Look for the reasons for why is your son screamingAs we have already reviewed, it is a way of managing your emotions: when you like something, you get frustrated or angry. See if it is a behavior that the child are observed every day, the question is to make a self-criticism. Examine if it is part of a habit at home, if parents raise their voices naturally, or if siblings speak loudly.

It is not good to quarrel and retort to children with screams. It is not good to shout and we can look for other forms of expression. If the child has done something wrong, correct it with firm words, but not yelling. If the child responds by yelling, do not catch up, you can respond with a soft tone and correct it by saying that it is not called out.

How to stop children from screaming

The much younger children when they are babiesThey raise their voices and shout to express many emotions, even others for the pleasure of hearing that it has such great potential. We can correct this behavior with patience by talking with an affectionate voice and in a low voice, you have to make them listen to you saying not to shout. You can counteract that moment by distracting them with something so that they forget what they are doing.

A very common case is when they get angry, yell, and throw tantrums. We must not give in to his whims and if he starts yelling, say that he is not going to get away with it. If we indulge in this type of behavior we have every chance that it repeats itself, over and over again.

We know that it is difficult to run many of these examples, but with time and patience we can see that in time there will be good results. It's essential let the positive example reign, the happy attitude and that stress or anxiety are under control.

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