Hygiene in the nose, eyes, ears, hands and feet of children

hygiene in children

Hygiene is very important in all people, but more so in children. Because these must create hygiene habits conducive to establishing a daily routine, and thus do not affect their basic needs for the future. We already know that having schedules and habits from an early age is always beneficial. Therefore, today we give you some advice on hygiene in general for children.

They must have a good hygiene education, counting on all the senses. That is, hands and feet, nose, eyes and ear, and without forgetting the hair and skin. All of it fundamental for their abilities and skills much more accurate and accurate. Thus little by little we will no longer have to tell them that it is time for the bath or simply having to wash their hands or teeth. Let's go step by step!

Children's nose hygiene

The nasal mucosa performs the function of purifying the air, filtering and retaining the particles strange it contains. At the same time, during inspiration, the nose provides the right temperature and humidity to the air before it reaches the lungs. To maintain this function it is necessary to remove excess mucus. If the mucus is very abundant, a few drops of physiological saline solution poured into each nostril can be used to facilitate its elimination. Excess mucus can also affect the auditory system. So when we see that they are not breathing well due to a cold, for example, we can perform a nasal wash, especially at night. Of course, this is not done every day as basic hygiene, but it must be taken into account when needed.

baby ear cleaning

ear hygiene

The external auditory canal has a self-cleaning system, so that the hair that covers it eliminates the cerumen to the outside and does not require any type of hygiene for adults. If the existence of secretions, pain, persistent itching or decreased hearing is observed in the child, the pediatrician should be consulted. On the contrary, in order to have good ear hygiene, it is recommended that it be the ear shell that does all the cleaning. This outermost part can also store dirt and for this reason, it will be present in the habit of every day. Simply with a cotton swab dipped in water and a little soap, but neutral, will suffice. Then we will dry well with a soft towel. We will take this step while it is the little one's bathroom. Remember that inserting the swabs, since we have mentioned them, is totally inadvisable. This will make it easier!

Hygiene for children's eyes

Under normal conditions, it should not be used any type of soap or cleaning product in eye hygiene. However, they should be washed daily with water, especially when getting up, to eliminate possible remains of secretions (legañas). If these are very close, then we can wet a sterile gauze with physiological serum and try to remove said secretion. But without dragging, but trying to make it stick to the gauze to remove it more easily. If it's still not possible, try warm whey. It is something that usually happens in newborns. Before starting, remember to wash your hands well and do not use any type of cloth or cloth that is not sterile.

Baby eye cleaning

When some substance or foreign body enters the eyes, the first thing to do is wash them under running water. Avoid rubbing the eyes because it can cause injuries to the conjunctiva or cornea, and do not use any object that could damage the eye structure, such as tweezers or cotton swabs. If washing with water fails to remove the foreign body, a doctor should be consulted.

The washing of hands and feet

To wash children's hands, we must first wet them. Then, a couple of drops of neutral soap will be the protagonists so that when you rub your hands, that foam that you like so much comes out. A good wash should last about 50 seconds, approximately. The palms of the hands will be rubbed, the fingers will be intertwined and then the upper part will be rubbed lightly. The big toe must be held with the opposite hand so that its cleaning is specific. If there is dirt under the nails, then remember that there are some brushes that are very soft and that are intended for this job. After all this, it is time for hand rinsing and drying. We will do it with a soft towel and that's it. Remember that this step must be before eating, after playing or touching an animal, etc.

wash hands kids

How do we wash our feet? Well, on a daily basis, the feet also have to take part of the attention in the bathroom. Because they are usually another of the areas that sweat the most, especially when they get older. Without forgetting that sometimes the shoes are conspicuous by their absence and the skin is left in the open air. So, it is also necessary to soap them well and without forgetting to pass between the fingers. Again, water and neutral soap will suffice. Of course, in this case remember that drying is also of vital importance. Because if they don't dry well between the fingers, they may become irritated and cause pain to the little one in the house. The nails should be cut, but not too short and finally, you will apply a moisturizer. This step is also fundamental and there is nothing like starting when they are very young so that they become familiar. Since the skin needs hydration to look more cared for and elastic.

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