My baby won't stop eating, what to do?

My baby won't stop eating

It is a great unknown when there are cases where A baby won't stop eating. In reality, each boy or girl has their own particular needs, so as they progress in their growth, their digestive system becomes more regular. However, all kinds of signs must be observed, whether the child is growing and gaining weight normally.

A healthy child has always been associated with eating a lot or with great regularity. Although it is not entirely a reality, because there are also skinny children, who eat just enough and are totally healthy. But there is a lot of concern when a boy or girl does not want to eat, since it causes a lot of anxiety in the parents. In the opposite case, What can be done when a baby is always hungry?

What happens when a baby does not stop eating?

Babies are born with an innate appetite, where they need to eat almost on demand. Generally, they usually wait for their shots, approximately every two to three hours, but others need to take their shot every so often.

When the baby spends much more time at the breast, It absorbs all the nutrients with better security. The fact that you do it much more often is not a bad thing either, since you will receive much better nutrients and antibodies to strengthen your immune system.

  • Act quickly. Observe any type of circumstance that occurs around you, since any change in your family life can make you create more anxiety about eating. Another cause may be that they are constantly hungry when they have not fed enough in their breast feedings.
  • you have to review if the way in which breastfeeding occurs is correct, if the grip of the nipple and his way of sucking is correct. This could be one of the reasons why a baby does not feel full and wants to spend a long time attached to the breast. Or that you demand it more frequently than usual.

My baby won't stop eating

When a baby is well fed

As we have already described, when a baby spends a lot of time at the breast, it may be because has not been satisfied. Another cause that can occur is when you create a suction in the chest just by attachment, because you feel calmer and safer. In this case, creates a total demand, both day and night. In this case, if the child does not stop demanding, especially at night, she talks to the pediatrician for a possible solution.

In either of these cases, you must make sure the child is well fed that they gain the correct weight, and go to more, and that the diapers wet them with total normality. They are the best indications to see a baby grow happily.

Babies who take a bottle or complementary feeding

When children drink a bottle or formula milk it is much better to know how much food they are taking It is always better to add a small amount more milk to know if you are really full with the amount you needed. In this case, we will be able to know when he wants to stop eating.

My baby won't stop eating

Babies when they start complementary feeding They usually start slowly. since the introduction of solid foods is usually more expensive. The baby is more likely to demand much more from the milk supply, since It is still their main food.

The growth of the baby has always been classified with these periods: 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months or 6 months. In each phase described it is easy to observe how the baby is going through a moment of supply, so that you demand your food with more need. In these cases, it is usually observed how it is in a period of growth together with the so-called "spurts".

There is no problem when a baby is constantly demanding his food, It's probably because you need it. You have to evaluate that your shots are being done correctly. If the baby is irritable, cries constantly, stains the diapers little and does not gain weight, it is an indication that the food is not filling him enough.

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