Crafts for children with paper

paper crafts

The simplest crafts and activities make the time while we do them fun and relaxing for both adults and children. Crafts with paper or cardboard are usually the most basic activities that we can do. We will not need to buy large materials to carry out these crafts with the little ones.

Let's see some paper craft ideas for children to have fun at home. Use this post to inspire kids to be creative. For most of these crafts you will need scissors and glue as essential material, and depending on the activity you may need something else. 

Paper crafts for kids

In this series of paper crafts we will see how to easily make beautiful animals, fantastic elements of nature and other fun experiments that will entertain the little ones in the house. Paper crafts allow children to focus above all on their skills to cut, and others such as tracing, weaving and folding paper. So if you are looking for simple activities that you can do with your young child, be attentive or attentive.

Paper butterflies

paper butterfly

These butterflies are very simple to make, so it is a activity suitable for children of any ageeven for preschoolers. 

Material you will need:

  • Colored cards
  • A pencil or marker to draw
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • pieces of wool

Steps to follow:

  • To start this craft, have your child or an adult draw one or two butterflies on each piece of construction paper. You just have to draw the wings. The wings are drawn separately, that is, the upper and lower wings, the latter being somewhat smaller.
  • Cut out the butterfly wings.
  • Make accordion folds on all the wings. Try to keep the folds small and even.
  • Take the folded top and bottom wings, and glue them down the middle. Squeeze the joining part to make sure the wings are attached well.
  • Cut a small piece of yarn and tie it around the middle of the wings, where you glued the wings. Set the two ends of the yarn aside to look like the butterfly's antennae.
  • Carefully spread out the folds of the butterfly's wings, and your butterfly is ready.
  • If you make several butterflies, you can join them with yarn or another ribbon, to decorate the room as a garland.

paper fortune cookies

These kids paper fortune cookies are so easy to make. Fortune cookies are traditionally used to celebrate Chinese New Year, but you can make them anytime you like. For that, it is important that you make a list of motivational messages to include them in the cookies that your son or daughter makes. You can ask your children for help so that all the work is in a team, and much more fun. These cookies are a very fun way to motivate children with positive reinforcement through the messages they contain.

Material you will need:

  • Patterned paper
  • A glass
  • A pencil or marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Your list of motivational phrases

Steps to follow:

  • Once you have chosen the paper you are going to use, place the glass on the part of the paper that is not decorated and draw circles with the help of the glass, so you can draw perfect circles of the same size.
  • Cut out the circles you have drawn.
  • Cut out the motivational messages, and stick them in each of the circles.
  • Fold each circle in half, but don't wrinkle them. Once you have the semicircles, fold them in half again slightly so that they are slightly open.
  • Glue the inside of the half circles together so the fold stays in place.
  • They are finished! So it's time to distribute them to know what good fortune awaits you.

paper rainbow

colored cardstock

This craft is very easy and quick to do., so it can be a perfect project to practice with scissors.

Material you will need:

  • Rainbow colored cardboard, plus a white one
  • Cotton
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil or marker

Steps to follow:

  • Draw a cloud on the white cardboard and cut it out.
  • Cut out a strip of each color of the rainbow
  • Glue each strip of color under the cloud, as if it's raining a rainbow.
  • Glue cotton balls onto the cloud to make it look like a real cloud.

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