7 examples of sandboxes for children to have inside the house so that everything doesn't get lost

sandboxes for children

Hen/Stag sandboxes for children They are one of the best alternatives to play but at the same time so that you don't lose everything, as sometimes happens. Of course, it is not only an option to keep the rooms clean, but at the same time it also has other advantages that we must take into account.

It is a way to discover new textures with your hands, as well as improve certain emotional blocks when the minor is not able to verbalize what he or she feels. So as you see, in addition to entertainment, it is also a therapy that you can use comfortably in your home.

Sandboxes for children: wooden box

One of the best ideas to be able to have the game well organized and take it wherever the little ones want is to have a compact wooden box. A box that has a lid so that when finished, it can be closed and not a single grain of sand comes out. Furthermore, thanks to this model you can work on writing in a sensory way, to do this try placing a sheet with a symbol and they copy it by drawing it with their fingers in the sand.

 sand slate

Sometimes the wooden boxes that we have in mind are not so easy to obtain. So, a cardboard box that acts as a blackboard can also work. The best thing is that it be wide and be able to fill it with sand. Even better, if it has a little protrusion or something similar to a lid, even better. With a pair of tweezers on the cardboard you can place the sheet of paper with the drawn figures that you want the little one to repeat. In this case, you can use your hands as well as a stick or straw to make the task easier.

A sand pool

You will need to have space, yes. But of course it will also be a great alternative to enjoy in a big way. Of course, in this case we do not assure you that the sand may come out a little, depending on the type of game. Just thinking about it seems like the most fun and that's why it also had to be among our selection of sandboxes for children. An inflatable pool that is not very large and that you can place in any corner of the room.

Box with divisions

Instead of being able to play with a large sandbox, we can also talk about a box that has divisions. That is, small spaces that we will use to write numbers or letters as well as some other symbols that are not too large. Little space but perfect to practice what we need.

A baking tray

Anything goes when it comes to having creative ideas. For this reason, we are left with another model of sandboxes for children that you can have on hand whenever and wherever you want. More than anything because it is a oven plate. Yes, as long as it is a little deep it will be more than enough. Now all that's left is to fill it with sand and enjoy a very special game with your little ones.

A tupperware or plastic container

Of course, if we talk about boxes or baking trays, we cannot forget the famous tupper. Surely you have more than one at home that you don't use much, it's time to give them a new use and what better than adding sand to them. It is true that for it to hold the sand well and not crumble, the container has to be a little thick and resistant.

Storage boxes

Or on top of the closet, or in the garage or maybe under the bed, you surely have a series of storage boxes. One of those transparent ones that are perfect for storing both clothes and accessories. Well, if you have one that is not too deep, but rather narrow, it is time to use it for this purpose. Your kids will love the plan!

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