Solutions for cracked nipples

Solutions for cracked nipples

There are many cases where many mothers who begin to breastfeed and after a few days, cannot formalize it correctly because of unbearable cracks. Although breastfeeding seems easy to implement, sometimes it can become complicated with a small unforeseen event. For this reason, we are going to offer the best solutions for cracked nipples and how to solve this common problem.

The possible consequence to that effect it's usually a bad grip by the baby on the nipple. Your mouth must not be doing the sucking mechanism well or it is not settling down Good posture when breastfeeding.

The patches to reduce nipple pain It can be one of the best solutions when it comes to healing cracked nipples.

cracked nipples

The cracks can appear within a few days of starting breastfeeding. In many of these cases it is believed that the lack of friction in this area can cause such cracks, but in reality we would have to look for the reason.

Yes, it is true that at a time like this, the mother can have a very bad time, since the discomfort is high. Many mothers resort to trying the nipple shields as a remedy that is not feasible, and it is even possible to obtain the possibility of ruling out breastfeeding for not supporting it.

A little patience and find a way to solve this unforeseen event They will be the keys to continue breastfeeding. We must look for the possible effects that these cracks create:

  • The baby may not be well positioned to drink your milk. It has to be well aligned and it is necessary to observe that the baby is not doing it with its mouth open, with its lips turned back, that it does not make strange noises when sucking and that its tummy is attached to the mother's body.
  • In other cases, the cracks appear because the baby suffers from a short frenulum on the tongue. This fact greatly complicates sucking and limits the movements of the tongue, making it not stick well.

Solutions for cracked nipples

Solutions for cracks in the chest

There are several ways to calm down that pain and heal it, even when breastfeeding continues. The important thing is to have to wait calmly and resort to patience. Breastfeeding is essential for the growth of the baby in the first months, Breastfeeding should not be ruled out due to such an unforeseen event.

It is completely normal for cracks to appear even when the grip is being performed correctly. It usually happens because the nipples end up covered in clothing, causing such irritation. If possible, it is essential that the chest to dry in the open air after each take. You can even use a few drops of milk to wet it around the nipple and then let it dry.

Solutions for cracked nipples

There is a cream that is usually recommended by midwives: the lanolin. It is a natural wax produced for the sebaceous glands of some mammals and whose function is the protection and hydration of the skin of people. When we have finished breastfeeding, we clean the area well, dry well and apply a little lanolin to the area.

You will notice a lot of calm after its application. In the next feeding you can clean the area with a small damp cloth and formalize breastfeeding. At the end we repeat the process until the next shot. Over time, the area can be cured with total guarantee.

The liners can become another of the resources that work. When breastfeeding, this reinforcement will help the baby not have direct contact with the painful part. Personally it may not work well, usually because the baby does not get used to it. The nipple shields are cheap, so you don't lose anything by trying them.

In other cases and when you don't want to stop breastfeeding for anything in the world, you can end up use milk expression. With this system, the milk will be collected and then administered with a bottle. However, we must not give up, we must point out that it is a specific case and that when the cracks heal it will be possible to continue to breastfeed normally.

The nipple patches They are also a solution that can work for you. They are hydrogel pads that are placed on the nipple after breastfeeding and soothe the pain. They also carry substances that help heal the nipple, so it will heal much faster.

The best solution is certainly correct posture when feeding the baby. The change in posture will mean that you don't always put pressure on the same place, so the area with cracks will also rest and heal sooner.

Maybe a single solution will not work for you, but without a doubt a combination of some of these proposals it can help you get the cracks to heal and achieve successful breastfeeding.

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