Sperm aspiration

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Have you heard about the sperm aspiration? There are many procedures that are carried out for different purposes and one of them is to search for pregnancy. Although this technique is not only intended to fertilize the eggs, they can also be frozen for future use.

It is a technique that may be ideal for people who have undergone cancer treatments. So they can preserve their fertility much longer. It is time to discover everything that surrounds sperm aspiration because there is a lot to discover.

What is sperm aspiration?

As we have mentioned, it is a procedure through which the sperm are going to be extracted. It does through a needle that is really small, which connects to a syringe. Once the sample is removed, it is observed under the microscope to see the motile sperm and can be used immediately or, on the contrary, frozen for use whenever it is needed.

sperm aspiration

When is this procedure useful

It is a great alternative when no sperm are observed in the ejaculated semen.. In these cases there may be a kind of blockage that prevents ejaculation, although on the other hand, it is also recommended for all those men who want to have children and have been subjected to aggressive treatments, affecting your fertility. So, we can say that it is a more than ideal method to obtain sperm when the natural alternative is not effective. Techniques may vary depending on the patient.

Who can benefit from a procedure like this

We have already mentioned the most common situations in which a technique like this can be applied. But there are still more and it is worth mentioning them. For example, when the patient has azoospermia or obstructions. This obstruction may be due to certain traumas or infections in the ducts. Also they patients who have undergone vasectomy and do not want to undergo surgery again, they can benefit from sperm aspiration. In both cases they are obtained from the epididymis and in this way they can become parents in fertility techniques.

methods for sperm aspiration

Methods for sperm aspiration

There are two methods that exist to obtain sperm. We have already mentioned one of them that is done through a needle and that It is named after PESA. Of course, mentioning that there is a needle involved and in such a sensitive area may scare you, but you shouldn't because it is performed under local anesthesia. The sample is then observed and the motile sperm are looked for. If there are not enough, the procedure can be repeated. It is one of the least invasive.

Since on the other hand there is the one known as Mesa, which in this case a surgical aspiration is performed. An incision of about 3 centimeters is made and all under general anesthesia. So you won't find out at any time. Once the sample is obtained, it is also analyzed in the laboratory. It has to be said that This technique will collect more sperm than the previous. Both techniques have the advantage that they avoid having to intervene directly on the testicles.

Of course, when there is a type of azoospermia, where sperm production is affected, then a testicular biopsy should be performed. Because in this way production sources are sought and there is a greater chance of finding them mobile. So that they are ideal to complete the reproduction techniques to which you undergo.

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