Are you worried about your son's handwriting? Study Finds People With Poor Handwriting Are Smarter

Bad handwriting and intelligence

Does your child have bad handwriting and are you worried about it? Perhaps your child's teachers have told you. They may even have recommended that you buy him a booklet to improve his penmanship. Well, calm down, if they are very small, they still have time to improve with the right support and motivation.

But if not, you should know that perhaps your child's "doctor's handwriting" is because he is smarter than people with impeccable handwriting. Yes, as you read it, at least that's what a study conducted by the University of Illinois. In this study, published in The American Journal of Psychology, it is stated that people with "ugly handwriting" tend to have a higher IQ than those with a nice and legible handwriting.

Why is having bad handwriting smart?

Bad handwriting and intelligence

According to the study, the reason people with poor handwriting are smarter is because your brain works faster than your hands. In other words, the brain prioritizes what is assimilated and processed before the skill to put it on paper, characteristic of people with a high IQ.

One of the revelations of the research was that children with poor handwriting and constant use of abbreviations had greater intellectual abilities than those with beautiful handwriting. For these children with poor handwriting, it is more important to capture as much information as possible regardless of how they do it. Namely, they give more importance to the content of what they write than to the effort to make a beautiful letter

This theory has also been supported by Howard Gardner, creator of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences and professor and researcher at Harvard University. Gadner affirms that people with bad handwriting are much more intelligent and creative, which leads them to have a faster writing, preventing them from having clear and defined handwriting. In addition, according to his theory, there are different types of intelligences that are measured in different areas and abilities. that means each child has a different way of learning and all of them are correct.  

Learning to write is not an easy task

Bad handwriting and intelligence

On the other hand, and regardless of the studies, it must be taken into account that learning to write is not an easy task and that requires a high level of coordination. With time, motivation, and patience, your child will learn to write legibly. However, there are some factors that can interfere with this process:

The early introduction to literacy: Trying to get children to start reading or writing when their brains and motor skills are not yet adequate, all it does is prevent proper learning.

Wanting them to write to our liking: Each child has a way of writing and, if we try to get everyone to write with perfect handwriting, we will be preventing the child from developing their own personality.

Pressure the child: If both at school and at home we keep telling him how ugly his handwriting is. we will end up getting you to crash and also make the task unbearable.

As you can see, if your child has an ugly handwriting, in principle, there is no reason to worry, rather to be happy, science says. Help him to have a legible handwriting, with good spelling, without grammatical errors and a good expression instead of giving so much importance to how beautiful his handwriting is. But above all, and this is applicable to all facets of life, encourage him to learn to love what he does instead of hating it. 

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