Tetanalgesia against pain

breastfeed against pain

La Breastfeeding is one of ways of feeding better known and more beneficial, thanks to all the nutrients we offer our babies. Although it is not the only one that has these advantages, in addition to the food itself, plays another essential role such as calming to our little ones in difficult times for them. This is where what is known as tetanalgesia against pain.

We don't want them to have a bad time for anything in the world, but there are moments that we can't avoid. One of them is the application of vaccines being really very small. There the inconsolable crying It is the main protagonist for every baby but we can have the solution in our hands, or rather in our chest, to calm the tears.

What is tetanalgesia against pain?

We can say that it is a very proper term to designate an action that we all know and that is really not as new as it might seem. It is about offering the breast to the baby as calming effect in a situation that is going to cause pain. So we take advantage to generate that pain relief, which would be the analgesia thanks to the comfort and security that the little one receives when being breastfed. It is a type of analgesia without the need for medications, but completely natural.


Does tetanalgesia really relieve pain?

Now that we know what it is, we wonder if it really is a technique that eliminates pain. It must be said that moments such as vaccines, some tests or the heel test (which is performed on newborns) are processes that generate pain. So all that pain cannot be eliminated with tetanalgesia but it is reduced. What's more, experts say that crying is reduced to almost 40 seconds.

This is thanks to the fact that more than food is offered in mom's arms and breastfeeding. It is a safe place for the baby and that is how the creature will feel it. As it is a more comfortable area, it will greatly relieve you and that is the primary function of tetanalgesia.

How this technique is performed

It is best put the baby to the breast a few minutes before starting with any type of test that causes discomfort. So that when you receive the puncture, you are already quite calm. We mention again that it will not completely eliminate the pain but it may be more bearable. The moment the baby is well positioned and breastfeeding, then the annoying situation for him will be resolved.

tetanalgesia against pain

Its consequences

You should not worry because the consequences will all be quite positive. On the one hand, we already talked about that feeling of comfort and trust generated by the technique. In addition to the relief you will feel. But not only the little one but also the mother. Since these types of moments are quite complicated for the mother or father who has to witness them.

A common question is whether Offering the breast at a time like this can be associated with something negative. But there are no studies that determine it conclusively. Furthermore, to reach association, this would have to be done very continuously and this is not the case. Therefore, as it will be something specific in the first months, the baby will not be able to associate the breast with pain, but rather the opposite. Since, in many cases, it is the only source of food. Even if your option is mixed lactation or artificial breastfeeding, mom's arms will always be much more than just daily food.

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