The chest headboard: types, advantages and much more

Types of headboards with chest

The chest headboard is a new proposal to make the room layout of your children easier and more comfortable. Given the lack of space that a room, and even an entire house, can suffer from, it is necessary to develop the imagination more intensely. There are more classic methods, but they are also very useful, such as the variation of the traditional bed and installing trundle beds, beds with low drawers and folding couches.

These options allow you to store under the beds, all kinds of objects, clothes, bedding and any other object that does not fit in the Cabinets. Since fewer houses are built today with fitted wardrobes, which are very useful to help organize a home and family rooms. There are already several manufacturers who have devised a small and very functional piece of furniture such as the chest-shaped headboard.

What is the chest of drawers

Just by mentioning it, it gives us the correct answer. It is a piece of furniture that can be opened, like a chest and that is located in the part of the headboard of the beds. It is true that, depending on the room itself, we may not have a headboard or have one that already comes together with the bed itself. But as we advanced before, it is always good to make the odd change. Because the changes bring us advantages and in this case, they will be most positive. Remember that we will always need space and a chest will be one of the best solutions.

As its name suggests, you can put it as headboard of your bed, this being normally quite tall to have the optimal dimensions of a headboard and have a discreet width so as not to take up too much space. The secret of the chest is in its depth and top opening. That's the key to why we need it!

Chest in children's rooms

What are the advantages of adding a chest to our decoration

We already see that the furniture can be adapted to the part of the headboard, especially when we talk about children's rooms, but they will not be left behind in double beds either. There will always be a solution for them!

a discreet piece of furniture

Although it is a chest, it does not have to be a piece of furniture that is too big or takes up a lot of space. It is just a functional idea that will get us out of more than one hurry.

more storage

The interior of this chest headboard is usually deep. So that You can store all kinds of bedding, cushions, pillows, toys and any other object that does not fit in other spaces. Hence, it will save you from that trouble that we mentioned before. Because we really need spaces to store the clothes of each season or the heaviest. It also has the characteristic that by having depth, you can store up to large bedding, such as blankets or bedspreads, which will help you a lot in order, and store this bedding out of season.

You can combine it with the room

You can choose from various colors so that they adapt to the design of your child's room and are in harmony with the colors of the decoration found in the children's room. Thanks to the functionality just mentioned, more and more options are available on the market. This means that the colors are also present and if not, you already know that white is always one of the trendsetters.

More uses of the chest

We are focusing on its internal part, on its depth to store what we do not want to be piled up or taking up more space, but another of its advantages comes when we close it. Because once the chest is closed, you will be able to use its shelf-like surface of books or like table or auxiliary shelf, being able to place from photos to alarm clock, that and to your liking.

side shelves

We can no longer only use it as a shelf and take advantage of its upper part, but we will also do the same but on its side. In other words, there are many ideas that, in addition to the indoor storage, also has on its side. So it will be there where some small shelves allow us to place things that we usually use every day, so as not to lose them and always have them in sight.

separate spaces

Perhaps it is one of the least frequent uses, but if we think about it, it is also considered an advantage. In a bedroom where we have two twin beds, or perhaps a third, this chest of drawers can function as a space divider. Instead of placing the beds next to each other, we can always place one behind the other and in the middle, this piece of furniture.

Types of headboards with chest

Sometimes you have to search a bit, but many other furniture houses are already launching new ideas that we love. Hence we have to talk about the types of headboards with chests.

  • On the one hand we have the wooden headboard, height and width of the bed, so it is almost hidden in it. They are usually elongated but with that depth that we need.
  • On other occasions, we find a piece of furniture that instead of opening upwards at the top, you have your front door. So in this case the bed has to be lower. So that it can be opened towards the front without problem.
  • side drawers: we cannot forget that in addition to the shelves, which we already mentioned, they can have side drawers. What we continue to increase its storage but in this case without the need for the objects or garments to be seen.

After knowing all this, you will have already realized that a chest of drawers is one of the most basic pieces of furniture to add to our rooms. Don't you think so?

Images: – Conforama

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