What to give to parents who will have twins or twins


It's always fun to buy gifts for our friends' baby showers, but it's double the fun (albeit double the expense) when twins are on the way. Although it is true that it is much more expensive to buy when two come than when one comes, it is an idea that if someone you know is going to have twins give him things that will help him (and relieve his pocket!)

Therefore, if you want to be original, it is time to let yourself be carried away by the selection that we now tell you about. I will give you some ideas so you can give these future parents that they will have twins in no time. Although it is common to think that they will already have everything, it may not be so. You'll see how delighted they will be when they see your gifts!

twin stroller

If you want to make a gift between several of the gang or perhaps the future godparents of the little ones, nothing like a tricycle or twin stroller. It is true that prices can skyrocket and therefore, we are talking about a joint gift as well. Something that, without a doubt, the parents of the creatures will admire from the first moment. Because it is one of the great essentials when going for a walk. Hence, we will have to make a good choice so that they have several positions, good materials and, above all, good security.

twin stroller

What to give to parents who will have twins or twins: bibs

Sure they will, of course, but they never hurt. Because as we well know, the important thing is to always protect the clothes of the little ones. Especially when they start eating solid foods, because these will end up in all corners of their skin. But also when they take a bottle or breast they can wear original bibs. That they are waterproof are always an idea that we must ensure. Remember that those that carry a kind of pocket are always the most practical because the food will fall there and not always on the ground. You can opt for a pack or choose personalized ones.

Two baby carriers for one body

Having twins or twins means juggling two babies every day, and both asking for the same constant attention all the time. For this reason carrying a baby carrier for two babies is a perfect gift that your loved ones will greatly appreciate. You can place them with the two spaces in the front, that is, you will carry both at chest height. Something to be not so practical when we talk about twins or twins. So another alternative is to put one in front and one in the back. You will carry the most distributed weight. It is something very useful and that they will use for a long time.

personalized t-shirts for twins

But I don't mean buying two identical t-shirts, far from it! I am referring to buying clothes for twins that are similar but that can differentiate one baby from the other. The last thing dads want is to put them in exactly the same clothes and not know who's who! It is true that when we think of twins, there are many fathers or mothers who dress them exactly the same. But maybe your friends don't want it that way or it's about twins. For this reason, personalized t-shirts may be the best option. You can choose styles, colors and other drawings that deal with the same theme but are not the same.

Gifts for parents of twins

Double feed pillow

If the mother is determined to feed the little ones with breastfeeding, an ideal gift will be a feeding pillow to be able to support the babies at the same time so that they can feed themselves. Because it would be very desperate to feed one baby and the other has to wait because there is no room for him. Without a doubt, it is a very functional gift, since in addition to the fact that the little ones will always be taken care of, the rest of the mother is also another option to take into account. the solution is served!

Double bottle warmer

It goes without saying but yes, they will also need a bottle warmer and also double. It is a very practical way to heat milk, so that in less than two minutes, babies can be eating their food. Also They are perfect for keeping warm and for sterilizing. So, we should always choose a model that has all those details. Because when it comes to giving, it is always better the more complete it is. Thus facilitating the tasks of the father or mother.

Double photo frame for twins or twins

A double photo frame is a great gift to put the first photo of the two little ones in the house. So parents can put the first photo of their little ones at home. As we well know, photos are always one of the best memories we have left. But having babies just the first of many. So, there are always some images that move us or make us crack a smile. Well, those will be the ideal ones for double frames.

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