Toñy Torres

My journey into the world of motherhood began with the birth of my first child. Suddenly, I found myself sailing through an ocean of doubts and joys, where each wave brought with it a new discovery. I learned that being a mother is much more than taking care of a life; is to shape the future through small everyday gestures. With each step I took, my curiosity grew. I immersed myself in books, attended workshops, and listened to other mothers' experiences. I understood that respectful parenting is not a fad, but a way of educating based on love, understanding and mutual respect. This philosophy became the compass that guides my work as a mother and as a writer. Today, I share my experiences and knowledge through my writings, hoping to be a light for other mothers who, like me, seek the balance between intuition and information. I am Toñy, mother and editor, and every word I write is a piece of my soul that I offer on the altar of motherhood.