What are attachment blankets for?

What are attachment blankets for?

The blankets of attachment They have become essential objects for calming babies. They have become quite a refuge and that has meant that we can find them in many of our stores. Although it has been described as "attachment", we will dedicate in this section What are its benefits and what are attachment blankets for?

There are many objects that have been associated with the calm of our babies, from pacifiers, to those as endearing as a stuffed animal or any small towel that smells like their mother. If over time they are already creating much more independence, the help of these objects will give them much safety and company

What are attachment blankets for?

Attachment blankets are used to be placed next to the baby. They are generally used to guarantee a peaceful sleep for the baby and when either parent is absent.

For it to function very well, it is important that this blanket is impregnated with the body odor of the mother, To do this, he has to stay close as long as possible, or sleep with her for several days.

After that, It will be placed next to the baby so that it feels its smell and warmth. It may seem that no sensation appears, but with a little patience they will bond, helping the baby feel attachment, well-being, trust and protection.

What are attachment blankets for?

Benefits of attachment blankets

The evolutionary stage of a baby can be due to many factors. An object can be the protagonist of this success, including a toy, a cloth, a stuffed animal or any small item of clothing that her mother wears. any of them are key objects to reduce anxiety and reinforce some security when he smells his mom. Along with this, we can add that there is a tolerance in the separation from the mother.

The advantage of these objects and especially the blankets, is when we find many babies who express your feelings through it. They take them with their hands, put them in their mouths, kiss them, caress them, hit them. We are not going to say that they always cling to them, but it has been observed that they feel affection and grab them in moments that are special to them.

It should be noted that an attachment blanket can last for many years. The most common thing is to observe when the baby grows, becomes a child and goes beyond its maturity without conditions. In this transition stage, they may forget about their attachment, but it is a "can", because there are others who continue to maintain that innocent dependence on such an object. Therefore, you have to know how to take care of it and always keep it clean.

The benefits attributed to the attachment blanket are simple and they create a lot of well-being. Children overcome their frustrations better and help them to face their fears. It calms them when they cry for any reason and that creates security. By creating that safety and comfort it already gives them a much easier way to develop their imagination, to learn their language and to train all their skills.

What are attachment blankets for?

How to use an attachment blanket?

You have to buy a small blanket that is soft to the touch. The mother has to sleep with her for at least three nights, so that her smell is impregnated. It can be used from the first month of her life, although the ideal is to use it between 4 months.

When the baby goes to sleep you have to place it next to him, in this way will begin to pick up your presence and scent. The goal is for them to begin to be aware that they have a blanket next to them that they can hold in their hands and offer them confidence and protection.

Until when will the baby or child use the attachment blanket? Everything will depend on the child and how it evolves. As long as you feel your protection, you will always have it close, it can take several years. When the child no longer needs it, he will begin to not pay attention and will surely be forgotten.

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