How to improve your children's reading fluency

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Reading is basic in the life of any person, children learn to read at an early age almost naturally. It is not a good idea to pressure them or try to learn to read ahead of time, as this could only cause frustration and literacy problems in the future. But if your child has already begun to appear to read and what happens is that it takes a bit to improve his reading fluency then you can help him.

Reading fluency is essential above all to be able to work on understanding a written text, in this sense, it will be important to work on reading fluency in children. It is important not to work it as an imposition or as a punishment. The child must perceive that it is a fun way to improve reading, that way you won't feel like it's an imposition or 'punishment' for not reading fluently.

An essential skill

Reading fluency is one of the most important skills that a child must master in the first years of reading in primary school and it is essential for the rest of life as well. A fluent reading is important for a good transition for a good writer since you will learn to write better the better you can read.

As students get older, reading also plays an important role in math, science, and social studies. If you are concerned about your child's reading skills, do not miss the following ways that you can use from home to help your child improve his reading fluency little by little.

read in loud voice

It is essential that you read stories aloud to your child so that he himself can improve his reading fluency little by little. Even if your child is old enough to read to himself, it is helpful for him to listen to someone else read to him because he will learn intonation as well as rhythm. You will acquire a better sense of rhythm, intonation and, if you choose a variety of different genres, You will develop an appreciation for all kinds of books.

At home create a reading corner at home

For children to realize the importance of reading, it is very important that there is a reading corner at home, that they feel it as an attractive and at the same time relaxed place. Offer your child a place where he can go to focus on reading, it will have to be a comfortable place with books that he likes and that they are always of interest to you.

In this way you can build in your child a good feeling towards reading, and he will perceive it as entertainment and not as an obligation. Give him the opportunity to go read his stories whenever he wants.

Improve phonemic awareness skills

Children sometimes have trouble reading fluency because they have offspring understanding how letters are pronounced and also understanding how pieces of words (such as fragments, digits, and blends) are manipulated to form new words.

Give him the opportunity to better understand this by being a good example and guiding him in reading whenever necessary. In this way, You will be able to understand how to read and what the sound of each letter is and thus form the words and read them correctly.

Increase your vocabulary

Children need to have a wide range of vocabulary so whenever he is interested in learning new words pay attention to him and explain to him what that word means according to his understanding. This will create interest in learning new words.

Words are essential to the foundation of a child's reading and writing skills. If a child cannot quickly recognize common words, your child is more likely to fail when trying to decipher the word.

Read with your child alternating sentences

Reading with your child and alternating sentences while reading a text is a good way to enhance reading fluency and also to read aloud. You will only have to give him a signal to indicate when he has to keep reading or when he gets stuck on a word to give him the guidance he needs.

Your child will feel supported and supported even if he has difficulties and this will also allow him to improve his self-esteem and confidence when it comes to reading. He will find that with practice and your help he can improve his reading almost without realizing it.

Place of study

Echo reading

Echo reading is a great strategy for kids who have excellent technical reading skills, but for whom prosody is a problem. If your child has trouble reading with expression, try reading a section and then have him "echo" you, using the same intonations and emphasis he used.

Another idea is to record your child reading a short text, then record yourself and find the differences. Once you realize what you need to improve, record it again and when it is listened to, it highlights the improvements it has had.

The readings that identify you

Nothing makes a child more interested in a book than knowing that the character has the same difficulties or concerns as him. Known as bibliotherapy, Choosing books that can help children find solutions to the problems they face can not only help develop fluency, but also address issues such as bullying, school refusal, jealousy, anxiety, etc. .

Your child will feel identified and will be much more motivated to read the book and will also be interested in everything the story has to say

Audiobooks are very useful

Audiobooks are a great way for kids to follow someone else's example. Even better is the fact that your child can listen to their favorite book over and over again without having to read it a million times!

Audiobooks will also help your child relate the books read to reading aloud, so they will realize the importance of both in their development.

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