3 examples of entertainment games for children

entertainment games

Entertainment games can be very varied in their themes, but they all have great advantages. Through game, the child learns a lot of knowledge, develops social skills as well as thinking or cognitive skills. Games also tend to represent more confidence for them and also creativity. But all of them must be according to their age, as well as eye-catching so that they are attracted because otherwise they will get bored.

Although it seems easy to choose one of the entertainment games, it will not always be. Therefore, we can resort to the usual options, the classics but they never fail. That is why today we give you 7 examples of entertainment games to do with the children. In this way, they will be playing and learning at the same time. Do you want to know what they are?

Entertainment games: the battle of balloons

With this game, children will encourage freedom of movement and competition. With only one balloon per child, they must tie it to the ankle, and the others must blow it up. Of course they are going to ask you how they should exploit it, because we will say that only with movements, without using your hands. Approaching each partner as much as possible to say goodbye to the balloon. This will lead to giggles, competition and foot coordination, all necessary for their motor skills. There are many varieties that exist, because the balloons can also be tied at the waist, both in the front and in the back. It's up to you!

Statues game

Stay still and motionless It is a very difficult activity for children.Therefore, it is one of the essential exercises in children's learning. Through the music, the children will represent different statues, being eliminated in any movement when the music stops. This activity will favor their rhythmic learning, as well as their motor skills, as well as their ability to control their impulses. But what's more, there is also another variation of a similar game. One stands with his back to the group (the latter has to take small steps forward) and when he turns around, all the others have to stand still. The challenge is to get to where the 'boss' is without being seen by him. Yes, we know that you have also played with all your friends a few years ago!

I play duck, duck…goose!

If I remember correctly, a game like this appeared in one of the episodes of 'The Simpsons'. Although it is true that in that scene the fun was only had by one character. Well, this is another one of those classic games that has had certain modifications but is always present in our lives. Both motor skills and hearing and strategy will be present in this game. You have to form a circle with at least 4 or 5 children who will sit on the floor. One of them will be the hunter and will run around but outside the circle. He will touch the head of each of the players saying 'duck'. But at some point and without warning, he will touch one and say the word 'goose'. So he has to get up and catch the hunter before the latter sits on his seat.

Game of the chairs

It is another of the entertainment games that are played with music. This is highly recommended at any age, as it gives them great satisfaction. By placing the chairs in a circle and walking, at the same time, they dance next to them. It will be a lot of fun, as they wait for the right moment to sit down, when the music stops. All this, boost your concentration and responsiveness. Remember that there always has to be one chair less than the number of players. As we have said, at any age it will be beneficial and entertaining, but we can always adapt the songs to that age. So that the fun increases even more.

sleeping animals game

Will the little ones in the house be able to stay focused in order to win a game like this? Yes, it is very complicated. But that's what entertainment games are for, to be able to make them learn little by little and continue developing their virtues. So, in this case, the players have to drop to the ground and pretend to be asleep. One of their companions will be the one who tries to wake them up, in what way? Well, tickling them or saying funny things to them. Because anyone who moves or even opens their eyes will be disqualified. There will always be someone or someone who can resist a little more. It is one of those perfect activities for the little ones.

the repeated cards

It is a game that you can do with your own cards or drawings, but there is also a board game and even interactive. Because over the years complications have been introduced in this game, so that everyone can enjoy it. Yes, it may be a little different from what we have been talking about but just as efficient. So, in this case it is about turning a series of cards face down and the child must choose two to form pairs. If he succeeds, they will be discovered. Otherwise, they will be placed face down again and the turn will pass to another partner. The purpose is to enhance memory but also concentration. In the end, all the pairs have to be found. They will surely make it!

drawing games


We don't need the game itself but a more practical version of it. But it must be said that, be that as it may, it will help you develop creativity while having fun. Because it is another of the entertainment games that you cannot forget. A player has a sheet and must draw something. The others have to guess what it is. The truth is that in this game, you can establish a theme, to know where the shots go. Otherwise, it may take too long. It is perfect for an afternoon with the family or perhaps for school. How many more, it will always add more fun!

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