Sergio Gallego

I am the father of two wonderful children, who are the axis of my life and my greatest source of inspiration. Since they came into the world, I have immersed myself fully in the universe of parenting, exploring every facet of pedagogy and education. I am passionate about discovering and sharing innovative methods that promote the comprehensive development of children. Write for Madres Hoy It is an opportunity to connect with other fathers and mothers, exchange experiences and offer my unique perspective as a father. Throughout these years, I have accumulated countless anecdotes, learnings and unforgettable moments with my family, which I consider an invaluable treasure. In each article I write, I try to capture all the wisdom and love that I have cultivated in my role as a father. My goal is to inspire, guide and accompany others on their wonderful journey through motherhood and fatherhood, always from an honest and empathetic perspective.