Can you eat shrimp when pregnant?

Can you eat shrimp when pregnant?

There are many risks for pregnant women on the consumption of various Fish, surimi or even prawns and their derivatives. There is no strict rule in its consumption if its intake is done correctly and in perfect cooking conditions. For this reason, we will analyze how to take cooked shrimp and its derivatives during pregnancy.

There is no doubt that shellfish is a good food for consumption, since its contribution of iron, omega 3 acids, proteins and zinc They are very beneficial for the body. Especially in the development of both the baby and the health care of the mother.

Can a pregnant woman eat shrimp?

A pregnant woman can eat shrimp, especially, any variety such as prawns, langoustines, shrimps or shrimps and any type of shellfish. An important fact is its intake when food must always be cooked since raw is not healthy at all. If taken raw it can carry health risks for the mother and the baby.

When not to eat shrimp during pregnancy

It is not recommended to take the prawns when they are raw or undercooked. There are many varieties of food that are not recommended to be eaten raw when pregnant, including fish and meat.

Its consumption in these circumstances It can be a great source of germs. Raw prawns can also contain the anisakis worm, so it can be eliminated by freezing or cooking it at more than 80°.

Can you eat shrimp when pregnant?

It is also recommended to cook it so as not to become infected with listeria or salmonella, since these bacteria can cross the placenta and infect the fetus, causing a spontaneous or premature abortion.

Prawns also contain a substance called quinine. and that it can be detrimental to the development of the baby. This substance is bitter and is found in some plants for the treatment of malaria. Like shrimp, there are drinks like tonic that also contain this type of substance. The presence of quinine in the prawns is very low, for this reason the amount of prawns to be consumed per week is attached in the following lines.

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Mercury present in fish and shrimp is another problem. An excessive intake of this substance can cause damage to brain development, and may cause concentration and learning problems in the future. For this, a tolerant and responsible consumption of fish and shellfish while pregnant is recommended:

  • You must consume a maximum of 150 to 300 g of prawns a week.
  • The prawns must be very fresh or if possible frozen so they last much longer.
  • Buy the seafood in trusted sites, with a provenance that comes labeled. If you don't feel confident eating it in restaurants, discard it, since they cannot prove its origin.

Can you eat shrimp when pregnant?

Prawn nutritional value

The prawns, like the rest of the shellfish and fish contains multiple benefits for the development of the baby during pregnancy. However, it is also a great ally for the health of the mother:

  • It contains an important contribution in Omega 3 fatty acids, very important for the development of the nervous system and the baby's eyes.
  • Contains a good contribution proteins rich in essential amino acids, Very important for the development of the fetus.
  • Contribute a source of calcium which is essential for strengthening the bones and muscles of the baby and the mother.
  • Has a high iodine index, also important to control the functioning of the thyroid gland, both of the mother and the fetus.
  • Contribution of vitamins such as B2 and B12, zinc, selenium and magnesium.
  • Another benefit is that they have a low fat content and therefore provide the right calories.

In conclusion, The consumption of shrimps in pregnancy is allowed, as long as they are taken in a rationed way and without excesses. The data we have provided is a recommendation to consume between 150 to 300 g of prawns per week. It must be taken into account that excessive consumption can be harmful due to its quinine and mercury content. And above all, never take it raw, but cooked.

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