The benefits of kissing your children every day

kisses children parents

Today the International Kissing Day is celebrated and that is why we dedicate ourselves to what is perhaps the most important show of affection of any human being: the kiss. The pleasant feeling of affection that is felt when kissing and being kissed, when receiving and giving that show of affection. It happens from the moment we are born until the last day of life. That is why on this particular date we dedicate ourselves to knowing the benefits of kissing children every day.

Almost instinctive, kisses are a source of pleasure. What is behind those lips that come together to offer love and express affection?

The longest and most beautiful kiss

The kiss is one of the strongest and most loving expressions of affection of all time. Kisses, along with caresses and hugs, install a universal language that crosses political and cultural borders. Without a doubt, the kiss is the closest thing to living love on the surface. A kiss expresses affection, desire, love, pride and others, as it is perhaps the most direct and effective manifestation of affection.

International Kissing Day was born a few years ago, after the Thai couple Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat kissed for 46 hours straight, setting a world record. A couple of years later, they repeated the feat but then joined their lips for 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. Beyond these extremes, today we talk about the kiss not only to commemorate the day but because it is one of the great expressions of affection in the life of a human being. Kissing is almost natural when a child is born, parents squeeze him in their arms and kiss from head to toe, wordlessly teaching him to kiss as well. This genuine expression of affection causes a sense of security and relaxation. There is no scientific evidence on benefits of kissing children every dayHowever, no one disputes the effectiveness of kissing.

kisses children parents

The reasons? Both hugs and kisses relax, calm and reassure. They also bring joy and serenity. Kisses are the clearest and most evident sign of love and affection from one person to another, the demonstration of sincere affection. That is why they cause great well-being. There is no child who gets tired of receiving affection and that is why benefits of kissing children everyday they can be seen with the naked eye.

Benefits of kissing

Safer, more confident, sweeter, more loving children. Children who are not ashamed to express their emotions as well as to receive them. We know that physical contact is a great incentive in everyone's life. A hug at the right moment, a caress that touches the soul, a kiss in time. The displays of affection have great benefits for the physical and emotional health of every human being. If there is one thing that the pandemic has shown us, it is that we all need human contact. Why not kiss the children every day so?

Each kisses remain in the psychic memory of every child turned into an adult and installs feelings of security and confidence that will last for a lifetime. The benefits of kissing children every day they jump to the eye then. You can never kiss more because there is nothing more beautiful than knowing that you are loved and cared for. According to the psychologist Isabel Rojas, from the Spanish Institute for Psychiatric Research, «kisses produce in children a feeling of protection, security, shelter, and warmth. In addition, the kiss produces a feeling that the child is wanted, loved, accepted and, therefore, this is always to the benefit of oneself, which favors their self-esteem ”.

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Kissing a lot, stroking hair, holding hands, hugging hard. A kiss never hurts, it will never be too much of a caress. Kisses are part of the sentimental and emotional education of every child. There are no points against but always in favor of affection. The benefits of kissing children every day they discover each other day by day, in that bond of affection that grows daily and with each show of affection.

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